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    CLOCKWORK - Trailer Two

    You're really good at these cuts, its kind of old-school and totally unoriginal though but should sit well with t11 guys, let us know how it goes and good luck.
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    Card Flourishes - iFung performs Anaconda

    your fricken PHONE recorded that? that rocked! good angle too
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    Hindu Tornado?

    i would try to learn the conventional hindu throw cut first so you get used to the idea of the outjog and the "light touch" to throw the packet cleanly.
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    Over-Hyped Anaconda Dribble

    You guys make it very difficult to read a thread, because its the same 2 or 3 people arguing and taking up like half of the 100+ posts :(
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    Andrei Jikh Questions

    I told you it was gonna happen :D Jamal actually helped someone out constructively ;):p
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    Cardistry Cards

    The more you understand about all the different cards, the more you realize how little it matters. unless of course you want to do something like dual totally-one-handed giant fans in which case finish, cut, stock etc becomes a bit more important. but for cardistrie, you can actually...
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    Anaconda DVD :: Trailer

    this is Standard Operating Procedure in the magic industry. nowadays, everything that everybody ever comes out with is the most incredible amazing career-making great deal for a limited time. i wish someone would just; make some custom cards, or, put some material on a DVD and let the...
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    What is wrong with this site?

    Jer-ry ! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! I actually saw one episode where they had little people fighting, and the crowd started cheering "mid-get fight! mid-get fight!" the horror.
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    Hindu Tornado

    i'm just a crankshaft so don't take it personally when i rant on. the tangent I went off there was to describe the enthusiasm over the DVD in general. it's good that you're new to flourishing and interested, and trust me there is a good chance you're going to waste some money on stupid sh**...
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    Hindu Tornado

    hindu tornado is such a joke ... its like "angel". an incredibly simple move that is a slight variation of something already published in the encyclopedia, in fact, if you watch the Flourishman's companion DVDs you can see him doing not only this "hindu tornado" but like 6 other ways to do...
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    Quitting The Forums

    what is your guys problems? I love this website! before theory11 I didn't know what cardistry was. now it's the epicenter. I've even seen the forum move up three spots in the list to uh, above coin magic. it used to be below coin magic. so , in conclusion I love this forum and all of you...
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    Late CCC Videos

    So how does a guy like me get to see this video then. Fack the solo videos, fack youtube muting (you know you can reverse that with the right comment right?) and fack theory11. I want to see your guys new moves.
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    Late CCC Videos

    FWA made a video? i heard from Ryoma that it wasn't allowed b/c they have four members now. I dunno who the mysterious 4th is though i thought it was just him and the deliquent duo (shoe and nebel)
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    Meet Up

    dude! I think Jerry Cestkowski lives in colorado, and he springs really good. You should go check out "ned's mile high magic shop"
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    Card Spring - The 'Wrong Way'

    any way that works for you. If you can get a good spring releasing from your elbow or face, just rock it. The thumb technique however does have some advantages as described in the EoPCF, you may want to read it and decide if it's worth learning to you... nobody here can tell you what you...
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    Pressure Fanning - Help

    you could try a different position of the deck in the hands to start. also man just get the encyclopedia. The reason many people can't help you here is because less than 1% of them could do a halfway decent p-fan. Fanning, unlike sybils, takes a looooong time to make a good one. UEZ...
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    My friend Curley taught me an interesting technique, use a glove filled with vaseline, and it will keep your hand sof' edit: i remember we were baling hay one time and this big basterd and curley got into it, I think he guy broke his hand even. We all just kinda said it got caught in a...
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    Dan Sperry - Card Manipulation 101 v1

    I don't care to get involved in the argument, but I just wanted to say this was a great read!
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    Professional flourishers and eachother's material

    Dan and dave do the cobra cut, you can see them set-up to it by doing a EGR on Kev Ho's "portable playground" (but they cut the video before it shows the cobra catch) Dan madison and Dan and Dave both copied a sh*t-ton of Tudor's material in order to start their flourishing careers. Dan...
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    Spinning, flare thingy

    Huron's "firefly" is just a bunch of waving your hands around while you twirl a couple cards in every way imaginable with one hand (which ends up being about 4 ways) ... So, if there is any twirl you do with a card, there is a chance that it is included in "firefly". This is why I think its...
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