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  1. Keo

    The Darker Side of Magic

    That was very clever Mr. Browning. I personally love the forum dedicated to Bizarre under the same name, with a bit of forum dashed in there.
  2. Keo

    How Do You Feel About This Kind of Performance?

    Some of his flurry, "Productions" where very sloppy, at somepoints he is going so fast that he might as well just be holding a stack of cards in mechanics grip and just deal cards one by one. However, his more technical parts of the routine like the multi colored cards was stupendous. I dislike...
  3. Keo

    What are your other hobbies?

    I am a semi-professional writer of scifi, basically just means I write stories and submit them to publishers if they pay, not enough to live off of. Coffee, beer and wine are my favorite things in life at the moment. I also work on costuming, set building and design for a local haunted house. If...
  4. Keo

    Human Blockhead?

    There are so many things I find wrong with this... Please do not do this stunt. Why would you do something that could potentially harm your body? You are 12! You still got a hell of a lot to loose and you can't afford loosing them. Personally, I feel that you are wanting to learn this because...
  5. Keo

    America's Got Talent

    Wrong year, that was in 2010.
  6. Keo

    The End of Creative Magic

    Terrific interview, I love and agree with his views about the difference between building a prop and flat out ripping off a prop for resale.
  7. Keo

    The Illusionist

    I agree I find it to be the most versatile hookup with Invisible thread. There is a hook up taught on a Michael Ammar DVD I use occasionally but it uses elastic thread. Seeing as it is a horizontal hookup it might be able to work much like a floating dollar bill, using the elasticity to slow...
  8. Keo

    Counterfeit Hollingworth by Wayne Houchin

    Take this review down now. :P *Shows off his Badge of undergroundednesscity* Keep moving folks, nothing to see here.
  9. Keo

    The Illusionist

    Just add to the conversation. I devised a method when this movie first appeared. I thought it was a subtle awesome trick, slowing down time or the ball. I've had great success using the "Fearson" hook up. Steve Fearson's Master Levitation I think is the new re-packaged deal now? I remember...
  10. Keo

    Why is this is a male-dominated industry?

    It goes both ways, so what exactly is your point? Well then you need to watch Women in Boxes. The assistance are more then then just ignorant fools helping a magician. They have to know exactly how a trick works, so that they can help with misdirection, load the performer with something, or...
  11. Keo

    Why is this is a male-dominated industry?

    The last few posts are just anecdotal. I knew plenty of woman in wood shop, welding, and technical theater in highschool. In middle school a girl introduced me to the idea of steampunk, she was an "Airship captain" and probably could whip anyone's buttox. It may be true that girls hold different...
  12. Keo

    The Illusionist

    Yerp Invisible thread, the abbreviation coined to identify the missing threads that disappear on the green giant, magic forum. What IT has to do with a floating ball has me beat.
  13. Keo

    Tarbell or Wilson?

    I started with Mark's course when I first began learning magic so I am biased. But knowing what I know now, I'd say The Complete Course is a great tool to see what sort of magic you tend to favor, ie close up, cards, parlor, etc. Then I'd do some research on Tarbell Course, which books will...
  14. Keo

    WH's T&R on sale. Limited to 100. I bought mine!

    I knew! That when I saw this at the San Antonio lecture, I should have bought the blinking DVD! Oh well, I got a couple questions to ask though, so in private.
  15. Keo

    Balloon Sword Swallowing - Geek Magic by Tomas Medina

    OHHH The jokes to be made that play both to children and adults... *Blows up balloon, pop!* Hmm the story of my life, a popped rubber. *Blows up balloon, pop!* I was an accident folks... *Blows up balloon, pop!* Gah...don't get it in my hair! *picks out fake pieces of rubber* *Blows...
  16. Keo

    Guy Hollingworth's Triumph

    But Beans, your opinion about what path is the right path is your own opinion. People can make a great career in magic without picking up a single book about magic. There is enough content out there in the video format that any person interested in magic, working professional, etc. can be a very...
  17. Keo

    Card to Impossble Locations...

    Ahh, did you have to perform Inception to do that? :P
  18. Keo

    how bad criss angel believe is

    Hey Mr. Draven. Have you been able to view the new show? I'd love to see the show become more 90s Angel again. He had, from what it looked like, a decent stage show before the original Mindfreak then Supernatural TV Specials. I'm just curious an hope your travels are safe.
  19. Keo

    What's the Deal with Bending the Real?

    What is magic to _you_ then? Last time I checked magicians altered or demonstrated powers that bend reality. Magic defies natural laws and physics that ever laymen comes in contact with from day to day life. I have not bought the dvd from Jay, but from what I've observed this probably isn't...
  20. Keo

    Barry and Stuart

    They've done several tv specials over sees in the UK. I think Magick is their Tv series and am unsure if the show Dirty Tricks was just a one time deal or not. But they are currently doing a magic show called the Magicians. It is only airing in the BBC But I've watched a few episodes via...
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