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  1. tashfiq1993

    Lengthwise Triangle - Genesis Vol.1

    rofl dude, this is such a give away that you just torrented the dvd, could'nt be anymore obvious lol
  2. tashfiq1993

    Anti-faro cards??

    well, I can't do it though I usually see performances done with a new pack of bikes
  3. tashfiq1993

    The Official Anaconda and Eye Cut Review (and the soundtrack)

    If the bonus material was just 2 handed cuts it would be just as much crap but thats not the the reason, Hot stones- very basic combo which most cardists have probably figured out them selves Hindu Tornado- lesser version of erdanase go round and the same move was tought in the...
  4. tashfiq1993

    The Official Anaconda and Eye Cut Review (and the soundtrack)

    this was a totaly baised review, this is far from a perfect 10 dvd, most people will agree with that. The teaching for anaconda was 4 minutes long and all the bonus moves were in all honestly crap keeping in mind that its a Virts production. Heres a fair non-bais review, if your thinking about...
  5. tashfiq1993

    Split Spade Lions or Mirrors?

    split spades are no doubt the best overall custom cards out, honestly S&M don't even compare, looks wise and performance wise.
  6. tashfiq1993

    Aladdin or Arrco?

    not at all, arrcos have thin stock and are not meant to last long. While Aladins on the other hand have thick stock with plasticy thick finish.
  7. tashfiq1993

    Cool Image of the Day - David Blaine Bullet Catch

    rofl "picked up off the floor by Ricky Smith," that guy is classic.
  8. tashfiq1993

    Specter cardistry (my first flourish vid)

    awesome, there one of my favs too, thanks for subing btw
  9. tashfiq1993

    Specter cardistry (my first flourish vid)

    nice video, moves were smooth, fast and some were kinda original. only suggestion I would give you is that make a shorter video next time, 4 mins is way too long for a flourish vid ( especaily the " webcam/bedroom/bored" type vid) and avoid using the same move twice in a vid. so overal 4/5, good...
  10. tashfiq1993

    Side steal sound?

    haha, yea I used to do the same. I used a magical grunt or moan when I changed the card lol
  11. tashfiq1993

    What DVDs teach this? Producing cards.

    no, actually Jeff McBride teaches the salamander combo.
  12. tashfiq1993

    Spring Catch

    not bad, I like it. Not quite the magicain fooler but I think it will be great for laymen.
  13. tashfiq1993

    A deck of cards - Hard to get?

    yes, my parents have done the same when I started cardistry because back then I was litteraly addicted, and I don't blame them. I'm sure alot of you can relate, but honestly if someone tells you're over doing something you probably are.
  14. tashfiq1993

    Armani Cards Review

    looks interesting, cant wait for some pics.
  15. tashfiq1993

    Jerry's Nuggets?
  16. tashfiq1993

    Jerry's Nugget for $80

    yea and so did; Dai Vernon, Steve Freeman, Randy Wakeman, Earl Nelson, Larry Jennings Michael Skinner, Ed Marlo, Bill Goldman, Daryl, Lee Asher... probably the people who convince the twin to pick up the jerrys in the first place.
  17. tashfiq1993

    Jerry's Nugget for $80

    not necessarily, the price of jerrys has nothing to do with being easily manipulated by cardists, there only over priced because they are rare and nothing else, and they cannot help you when executing moves... Only practice can do that. And every time someone opens a deck of jerrys expecting a...
  18. tashfiq1993

    Ray Cosby's Raise Rise

    yea I've been having alot of trouble with the move aswell, it seems impossible! and I agree with V, the DVD has alot of break through material in it.
  19. tashfiq1993

    Homer Liwag Wallpaper

    thats great... I once saw a movie and they were playing poker with regular bicycle playing cards, just like magicians do!!! I should go make a thread about it!!!
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