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  1. jok3r

    How to script, and structure a gambling routine?

    I tried several searches but could not find anything on this. I have been practicing gambling techniques (false deals, etc) for a couple years now, and would like to put together an entertaining demonstration. I just have no clue where to even begin. I honestly have never seen one. I just...
  2. jok3r

    Edge Refills?

    submit a ticket to the support team, and they will tell you how much they cost.
  3. jok3r

    REGENERATION :: Blake Vogt

    What would be the price for refills? I feel like i would use this effect quite often for a big crowd, or people who have seen me perform many times.
  4. jok3r

    Card "magic" tricks vs sleight of hand

    Maybe blurring the lines is not a good way to put it. but i see what you are saying
  5. jok3r

    Card "magic" tricks vs sleight of hand

    Thanks guys for the responses. Alot of good advice here. I think my question was more towards what "type" of effects with cards seem more magical. I wasn't asking for a big list of tricks that i can go buy. Sorry if i didn't make that clear. Maybe we could talk about how to turn a simple card...
  6. jok3r

    Card "magic" tricks vs sleight of hand

    Im not quit sure if the title makes any sense, but that's the only way i could think of explaining what i want to discuss. I'm getting the best reactions i have ever gotten recently. I'm really starting to come into my own as a performer. What i am wanting is a really magical card effect i...
  7. jok3r

    Smoke gimmick charger

    I hope this title is not revealing anything. I will change it if need be. I lost my charger to my smoke gimmick, i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a new one?
  8. jok3r

    Selling old books/dvds

    I was wondering if you guys knew of a site to sell your magic books/dvd's you no longer want. I know dan and dave had a place on their forums, but they are down for right now. I just have a couple dvd's and books i wanna sell. any idea? Yes i used the search button and couldnt find anything.
  9. jok3r

    Why Do We Sign Things?

    To show there is only one of that card in the deck during an acr routine. I don't see the point in having things signed in any other trick that the writing isnt directly involved.
  10. jok3r


    Thanks for the help guys, i like what Draven said alot. He made a good point when he said we need to make sure our material is different. That isn't to hard for us, we both have different styles. There is only a few tricks we both do, rubberbands, and a card trick or two. Because our...
  11. jok3r


    Im pretty pumped about this brotha! My adrenaline was pumpin last night haha
  12. jok3r

    Some live magic for ya

    And I find you to be a douche snozzle.
  13. jok3r

    Where to sale magic

    Thanks il check all those places out, and shoot you a pm
  14. jok3r

    Where to sale magic

    i sent you a pm rich
  15. jok3r

    Where to sale magic

    is that a joke or are you serious?
  16. jok3r

    Where to sale magic

    I have alot of books and dvds im trying to sell, does anyone know a site to sell magic at?
  17. jok3r

    4 of a kind trick

    severted by john carney twisting the aces collectors i cant believe no one said doc daleys last trick, i do it almost every time i perform. A simple 4 four 4 switch changing a 4 of a kind into 4 random cards kills. Thats one of my favorite things to do.
  18. jok3r

    Chad Nelson: Liberation of the Fingers Review

    Is this out yet? Where can you pick it up
  19. jok3r

    Saturday Night Roundtable :: Calen Morelli

    My mom used to tell me there is nothing new under the sun. I didn't really understand this at the time. But what i think it means is that there is nothing totally original. Every idea stems from another. How do you think this relates to you, when you were creating new material everyday? And...
  20. jok3r

    Smoke Ideas

    I dont follow, please explain =]
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