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    Yeah I know, I noticed it today and wanted to post but it was locked, damn Sinful :mad:

    Yeah I know, I noticed it today and wanted to post but it was locked, damn Sinful :mad:
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    Glad to make your day ;)

    Glad to make your day ;)
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    Is this Illegal....

    I doubt you'll be able to get out of your room if your head grows any larger.
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    Is this Illegal....

    So you'd only listen to people who you've heard of? That's extremely shallow minded of you. IF YOU POST A VIDEO AND PEOPLE GIVE YOU ADVICE CLOSE YOUR MOUTH AND LISTEN FOR A MINUTE, alot of people on here (like RD) actually have good advice and idiots like you decide to tune them out.
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    Bunny Boy Collective Sneaks into MagicLIVE

    Seriously, how does anyone find these videos funny? Sigh
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    Mini Magician I am back on tokbox

    Pointless topic deserves a pointless post, here you go.
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    2 Magicians, 1 Cup, and a Wand

    What is the point of this topic? I mean seriously? Sigh
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    Custom Deck Design

    Trying to remember what Abstract Brush Set was used on it... looks very familiar.
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    MAGIC!: Another YouTube Video

    ... RAINBOW
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    Hitler's Jerry's Nugget Situation [Video]

    You used dollars as the currency. Tut tut tut Apart from that, pretty funny.
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    My first week and a half of Cardistry.

    Overused music. Onto the cards, for 1 week that's pretty damn good, probably better than me, but I don't focus on Cardistry and whatnot too much. Keep practicing.
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    What is wrong with this site?

    It basically means, that's what I was going to post. So I agree with you.
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    F.U.N. Team - Try Again...

    The flourishes were very good imo. However the text at the beginning and the music mix I didn't enjoy as much as the flourishes.
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    Compilation of my pass

    Most were very good, the only one I didn't like was the dribble pass. It wouldn't have bothered me if it was a slow movement but it was a quick sharp movement and just looked completely "dodgey". Apart from that, good job.
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    I got them from... They're currently out of stock though.
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    theory11 background

    Actually I probably could do better. However I haven't used PS in absolutly ages, so I'm rusty.
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    theory11 background

    That's not good either...
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    theory11 background

    I personally do not like it, maybe that's just me though.
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    Late CCC Videos

    I'd love to have seen them in the contest, as there entry was great to watch. However rules are rules, no exceptions.
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