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  1. chriswiehl

    Tricks That You Wish You Could Do

    First, I don't think you are using the word alluded in the correct context. Other than that. I can think of methods or some ideas for most of these, but I will hint one. Check out Wizard wars, Jason Latimer does a trick with water. That would be a good way to go with your effect. As far as...
  2. chriswiehl

    Slippery cards!

    are your hands dry and that is why? or are you saying the cards are slippery ? if you rhands are dry you should use lotion because that will help in the long term, but I hear golden touch works. octopalm is good for localized grip such as on one finger or part of your hand.
  3. chriswiehl

    Rochester NY

    Hey there magi. Heading to Rochester TOmorrow (January 17th) for a gig. If anyone wants to meet up around the area hit me up!
  4. chriswiehl

    Action palm references?

    marlo has some but my favorite action palm is the RAP by Ron Bauer and the Riffle Shuffle Action Palm from Michael Feldman
  5. chriswiehl

    New Year Magic

    i have a show im doing. its a gambling night so im going to be pulling out some gambling based stuff, that i typically do not perform, but since it is gambling I will.
  6. chriswiehl

    Rubik's Cube ?'s

    I started with Rubik Remembered. That is a fantastic dvd that teaches you very clearly how to solve a cube. There will also be a dvd in the future (hopefully soon) that will be a fantastic addition to your material. Cant say much bout that yet though. But yea...
  7. chriswiehl

    Come and join us now!!!

    what am i? chopped magician?
  8. chriswiehl

    Coin in Bottle (original)
  9. chriswiehl

    Coin in Bottle (original)

    the coin can come out of the bottle? Well im not sure if im missing something but it is the same as the trick "Bullet"
  10. chriswiehl

    Coin in Bottle (original)

    Looks like Bullet from E. The only difference might be the coin being stuck. I dont find this original enough to release, but it is a good variant that does add that extra degree.
  11. chriswiehl

    No Camouflage

    Hey Everyone. Just posting about my new move "No Camouflage". It is based on this old trick that I hated because you had to miss call cards and anyone paying attention would know how it was done. With No camouflage you can confidently control and switch cards right under your spectators noses. I...
  12. chriswiehl

    Is street magic worth it?

    I hear and see many magicians discuss the genre of magic called "Street Magic". There are many arguments against it, as it is sometimes not considered a real performance setting and many seasoned magicians scoff the idea. I have heard many top creators say that street magic is only done when we...
  13. chriswiehl

    Ages 6-13

    Kids have limited focus and attention span. Some of the effects listed work great. But remember, they are kids and they want to have fun and not sit through a procedure of dealing out cards one at a time to show they are unshuffled. The kids might like the over all effect (shuffled cards are...
  14. chriswiehl

    Christopher Wiehl's "Seattle's Finest"

    Thanks Rick! Glad you like it! I love performing this for unsuspecting friends and strangers. it catches them off guard and the moments are all fun and great pace!
  15. chriswiehl

    Busking with Rubik's Cubes!

    Amazing to see someone actually doing work on the street! and with a prop that gets little attention in the magic world (it gets some but not so many with mastery that you have)!!! AWESOMEEEE
  16. chriswiehl

    Children's Magic

    are you doing a stand up show or walk around? Rick has some amazing tricks that should cover you for both. candy magic works well and producing objects is awesome too.
  17. chriswiehl

    Saturday Night Contest - OK Go

    good call man
  18. chriswiehl

    Visual close up magic

    are you performing for a certain show or reason? that would make it easier for people to recommend stuff. how long have you been doing magic for? I can recommend some great visual magic but the difficulty is higher and takes more practice and ability.
  19. chriswiehl

    Best Magic Trick so far in 2014

    My favorite was Senses ;-)
  20. chriswiehl

    Zarrow Shuffle

    Not horrible. But i feel there is much you can add to the shuffle to make it much better and deceptive Gary Plants has some fantastic work as well as Steve Reynolds. What your zarrow is lacking is front cover. If someone is sitting in front of you they'll see the work being done. check out...
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