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  1. Josh Burch

    Sleights that elude you.

    The second deal. I suck at the strike and the push-off. I can do 4 or 5 okay bottom deals and a decent center deal. The second deal kills me.
  2. Josh Burch

    Is this a good trick?

    Christopher, I don't think that what I'm talking about here is subjective. If you cut Delgaudio's show at 20 minutes and asked a thousand people what they just watched, none of them would say a magic show. It's a monologue, it's a speech, it's a story, it's a talk etc. but it's not magic. Is...
  3. Josh Burch

    Is this a good trick?

    Yeah, I first read about the effect in Jarrett Magic. I read the method before I saw it. I found the Henning performance and I can't seem to put my laymen eyes on again and see past the method. Jarrett is pretty cocky about how puzzling the effect is. I just don't quite see it. I think they...
  4. Josh Burch

    What Magic Works for the Blind

    Hey y'all, Years ago on these forums, someone asked if you can do magic for the blind. I responded then and wanted to jump on again. I found this video a little while ago, where a blind man experiences magic. It's entertaining but it didn't quite answer the question for me. Over the years...
  5. Josh Burch

    Is this a good trick?

    Maybe a better question would be to ask if the trick was deceptive. I read about the method (a version was used in Thurston's show) and cannot unsee that. To me it appears to be transparent. Yeah, I like Doug Henning too. I like the hokey nature of the presentation, I'm not talking about the...
  6. Josh Burch

    Helmet Trick

    There was a great head twister motorcycle helmet on the market a while back.
  7. Josh Burch

    Is this a good trick?

    This is a super clever method but the trick seems kind of bleh to me. Do you think it's a good trick?
  8. Josh Burch

    How do I start a semi local magic club in a small town? How do I find magicians and those wanting to

    It depends where you work, you probably need to start with one friend and a location. Colleges are always a good choice. If there are any magicians in your area, get to know them. I live in rural Utah and there are 4 clubs within an hour of my house. It's possible there are clubs around and...
  9. Josh Burch

    What was the first trick you ever learned?

    A magician came to our church and appeared at a couple city functions when I was about 5 or 6. He performed the sucker torn and restored paper, I have a vivid memory of myself doing the "revealed" portion (switching a torn tissue with a normal one) I did it for my friend while he watched the...
  10. Josh Burch

    The Best trick from Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic

    The trick I do most is the Tic Tac Toe prediction.
  11. Josh Burch

    What kind of magician are you?

    I'm a writer, student, and creator. I don't love performing but I love seeing other people do something I have created. I like being behind the scenes at this point in my career. It means that I can be a part of all types of magic.
  12. Josh Burch

    How do I incorporate cardistry into my routine?

    If you have any cuts that are false you can easily insert these in. I used to do an effect where I would say, "Do you want to see this the easy way or the hard way? With the easy way I shall my fingers and your card comes to the top. With the hard way I will cut the deck into five packets then...
  13. Josh Burch

    Magic Camp on Disney+ (Review)

    How do you fan them?
  14. Josh Burch

    Contradicting effects.

    Yes, this trick is logically inconsistent. A kicker ending is fine but care should be taken to make it logical. It seems like this is a kicker for a kicker's sake. Another problem is this, if you reverse the math you now know the guys pin number. If he reversed the math he would find that it...
  15. Josh Burch

    Contradicting effects.

    To give Damien some credit, this method works just fine on a borrowed phone. The reason he's using his own phone is to show the initial condition of the phone before it changes to metal.
  16. Josh Burch

    Favorite Close up Pad?

    His are awesome! I love the way they fold!
  17. Josh Burch

    Favorite Close up Pad?

    That's what I use. Love it!
  18. Josh Burch

    Magic in Ancient Pop-Culture

    Djedi (Dedi) was not any more a magician than was Moses. Modern magicians have reinterpreted his miracles and reverse engineered some of his feats. It was said that Djedi was 110 years old, That he could eat 500 loaves of bread, half an ox, and 100 jugs of beer. He could also control the...
  19. Josh Burch

    Card college or the Tarbell volumes

    Start with Card College. Tarbell is great but you'll find less you can perform immediately with Tarbell. It's a great book to study, but to learn I'd start with card College.
  20. Josh Burch

    Mnemonica stack help

    Yeah, after listening through it once I had it downish in about an hour. I'm still working on it to make it more immediate but if you want to get the stack in your head quickly Rick Lax's Mnemonica Trainer is really good.
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