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  1. Foppa21

    Saturday Night Contest - Playing with Players

    Card 1: 10 of Clubs Card 2: 10 of Diamonds Card 1: 3 of Spades Card 2: King of Diamonds
  2. Foppa21

    First submission?

    Fair enough guys! You won't be disappointed ;)
  3. Foppa21

    First submission?

    Hello guys, and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this message. I would like to release something on The Wire. However, it's not really like the usual effects you can see on it. It's not visual, it doesn't look like trick photography, but I feel like it's a great, great effect...
  4. Foppa21

    Credits for a move.

    Thanks for the link TeeDee, really appreciated. I think I found the move though, it might be the Tenkai's Book Break Turnover. I'mma looking for it to confirm the statement though. Thanks again.
  5. Foppa21

    Credits for a move.

    Hey guys! I've a question regarding a card peek I use everyday. A friend teached me it, but I don't know from who it is. Without too much spoiler, that's the one when you riffle the edge of the packet, then jog the cards above the break a little to the left. And more generally, I'd like...
  6. Foppa21

    How Do You End Your ACR?

    I change the entire deck into an Omni deck, except for their card. Works well !
  7. Foppa21

    You know you're a card artist when...

    Oooh man, I hate this :/ But it's so true !
  8. Foppa21

    Pointers on "triple packet" pass?

    Usually, the distribution technique is used to move several cards to different locations in the deck. Apparently, you just want to move your two cards together, so it will be easy this way :D As for the specific spot in the deck, without a break, it's going to be difficult. If you can open...
  9. Foppa21

    Pointers on "triple packet" pass?

    The Distribution Technique, maybe ?
  10. Foppa21

    Midnight Visitors

    I was recently taught Derek Dingle's variation of Larry Jennings Visitors trick, but I didn't like the ending a lot so I tried to add something else, and this video shows what I came up with. I change some minor things in the handling, and I decided to use a move created by a friend o mine...
  11. Foppa21

    You mad, bro ?

    Haha, I like your profile picture ;) The shirt was a present from my brother for my birthday, I think he just found a website where you can print anything you want on a regular black shirt...
  12. Foppa21

    You mad, bro ?

    The card is more grabbed in a "Be Kind Change" manner, don't really know if you see what I mean... But maybe it's too difficult to see (The angle is not the best in the video...), but thanks for trying to help ! It must be a variation of the Tenkai Side Steal.
  13. Foppa21

    You mad, bro ?

    The title was only a joke, and the intent of the trick isn't to challenge the spectators. Sorry if it feels that way, but doing sarcasm in a foreign language is always difficult. (But I'm working on it !) For the control, I'm speaking about the one at 0:16. The Visa Switch is actually used...
  14. Foppa21

    You mad, bro ?

    Just wanted to share with you guys a card transposition I created a while ago. It uses a card control I found, if you think you know the source just feel free to tell me :) (Hope it's original, though !) If you know some hecklers, don't hesitate to show them the video, I hope they will go...
  15. Foppa21

    I broke my PK Ring !

    Well, I bought 6 months ago a Black Wizard Pk Ring, and as the title says, I broke it yesterday. (I just let it fall :mad:) Hopefully with the Ring came a DVD, and the creator of the Ring said that if we broke the Ring, we can send it back (plus the shipping cost obviously) and they replace...
  16. Foppa21

    What was the last effect you were really excited about?

    Mr E. takes a stroll by John Guastaffero, and Certainty by Cameron Francis ! The reactions didn't disappoint me hopefully :)
  17. Foppa21

    violet control by cetar

    Obvious camera cut is obvious...
  18. Foppa21

    What would happen if all decks got discontinued?

    I'll open all the decks I own and start learning a good Torn and Restored routine. Then I'll travel through the world and show everyone this particular effect. Then I'll start learning coin magic :D
  19. Foppa21

    Saturday Night Contest - Heads (or Tails)

    1.Heads 2.Tails 3.Tails 4.Heads 5.Heads No, just kidding :D You're absolutely right !
  20. Foppa21

    card change unbelievable .....

    Actually not a bad idea ! It gave me some ides, I might try one or two things with it ! Great job man :)
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