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  1. AceOfSpades2662

    Prototype: A new video of mine

    I didn't really focus on the music to much. I thought it sounded pretty good and synced well with the music and stuck with it.
  2. AceOfSpades2662

    Prototype: A new video of mine

    Hi, I haven't posted here in a while and I haven't posted a video in a while so I figured I'd cover both at once. So here's a new video of mine called prototype. There are really no original moves but I wanted to put something out there to get some minor attention. Here's the link...
  3. AceOfSpades2662

    Jerry's Nuggets

    Wynn's are by far, most definitely, absolutely, positively, not even a close comparison, better than Jerry's Nuggets.
  4. AceOfSpades2662

    When is the S&M trailer going to come out?

    Thanks David, Yeah Im excited too! Should be pretty amazing!
  5. AceOfSpades2662

    Has Anyone Noticed...

    Personally with all the mainstream magic nowadays, it's not that much of a surprise to see someone on the street performing magic. You could easily go home and watch the trick online (youtube) or on TV. It used to be amazing to find someone on the street with a deck of cards. Or go to a show...
  6. AceOfSpades2662

    Please help the Losander Family...

    God bless them. I can't say i know what they are going through, but my friend has a young brother who is also very ill and he is having a very rough time. So I know they must be very tired and pained emotionally and physically. All my best wishes go to the Losander family!
  7. AceOfSpades2662

    D&D ... Kevin Ho Smooth Operations

    There's no reason to start insulting people. If your going to dish out the heat you have to be able to take it back in. You gave your opinion let others give theirs. If your going to start an argument/debate you have to keep control and not personally insult others. Have a mature argument. No...
  8. AceOfSpades2662

    Dan and Dave Forum Help

    Yeah me too. I've never done anything at least not intentionally wrong.
  9. AceOfSpades2662

    Dan and Dave Forum Help

    Oh my god, me too. I have no idea why. Their was a problem for me accessing it yesterday now I'm banned? I sent them an e-mail I suggest you do too. :(
  10. AceOfSpades2662

    Dan and Dave Forum Help

    E-Mail Dan and Dave they helped me. Their email is at the bottom of their homepage.
  11. AceOfSpades2662

    The Big List of Changes

    clipshift... edit: sorry, already mentioned
  12. AceOfSpades2662

    Saturday Night Contest :: Theory11 Roundtable

    Edit: question answered
  13. AceOfSpades2662

    Has anyone noticed...?

    For whoever asked how this can be used just leave one facing the other way like a one way and it should be easy to find. Also it can't be too noticeable because I haven't seen it on the guardians.
  14. AceOfSpades2662

    Strange Message

    Haha, pretty cool. I get a headache looking at those pages. There's about 3 anagrams and flipped and mirrored words. :p
  15. AceOfSpades2662

    Saturday Night Contest :: Theory11 Roundtable

    Oh well... You had to remind me. I immediately figured it ended at 11. Maybe next time I'll be on time. (Hey I just wrote a little poem there) I thought my questions were pretty good too.
  16. AceOfSpades2662

    Saturday Night Contest :: Theory11 Roundtable

    Question 1 - I used to have a friend who did flourishes but he quit because he felt it was boring. I was very disappointed by this because he was the only friend I had near me that either did magic or flourished. How could I motivate him back into it? Question 2 - Regarding my above question: I...
  17. AceOfSpades2662

    Something Dangerous...

    That's some impressive work! Thanks both of you guys sounds pretty awesome.
  18. AceOfSpades2662

    It's buddy time!

    I think people would prefer being friendly that would mainly just encourage them to be more hateful towards their "nemesis."
  19. AceOfSpades2662

    Blackpool 2008 (video)

    Happy birthday! Videos downloading right now but I don't need to watch it to know it's going to be amazing. Thanks for all your effort Michael
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