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  1. RickEverhart

    Outdated magic

    I definitely think CD's need to go for sure. Rope magic has been and will continue to astonish and entertain when performed well and not just a boring version of Professor's Nightmare with no patter. Being a child's show entertainer I'm going to also say "keep" silk routines. They can play very...
  2. RickEverhart

    Managing Negativity

    Just like Reality One, I am also a married father of 3 teenagers. I am a full time elementary education teacher of 20 years and have also been a paid performing magician for 20 years. Let this sink in for a minute. There is NO WAY possible I could support my entire family and pay bills and have...
  3. RickEverhart

    Dollar Bill

    Interesting. I've never heard of it. Do you have a link to this performance?
  4. RickEverhart

    Cheapest Bicycle Cards

    I buy all of my Bicycle Cards at Sam's Club. They handle just fine and are cheap.
  5. RickEverhart

    Tally Ho or Bicycle

    As a performer of 20 years I always go with Bicycles for gigs. The minute I introduce or try to introduce a fancy deck or a deck that people aren't familiar with...then at least one or two people start to question the validity of the deck. Just my two cents.
  6. RickEverhart

    As a beginner, which one should I focus on first? Card magic or cardistry?

    I guess it depends on what your end goal is. If it is to go out and actually perform effects/routines in a show or stroll I would go with the card magic. Companies and clients who believe they are hiring a magician aren't going to pay you to do fancy cuts and moves. Nobody is going to sit and...
  7. RickEverhart

    How Do You Practice

    When practicing a new effect/routine with props (not necessarily with cards) I always stand (because I would be standing during my show anyway) and go through the movements and where certain parts of the prop(s) will be set. It is almost as if I am standing in front of my audience. I think...
  8. RickEverhart

    Marc DeSouza Lecture - Thursday Night at 7:00

    I wasn't able to attend. Is there a link to watch afterwards or was it "live" only?
  9. RickEverhart

    Magic Review - Candy Cash by Tumi Magic

    Thank you for a thorough review. Well done as always. :)
  10. RickEverhart

    Good close up pads with reasonable prices

    He's an older gentleman with a bit of an outdated webpage but products are TOP NOTCH. I wouldn't steer you wrong. I promise. Ha Ha. These are the pads I use as well. Make sure you understand which surface/material you want as they are all a bit different.
  11. RickEverhart

    Good close up pads with reasonable prices

    These are the BEST pads. I own the small folding one and will be buying more for my formal shows. They were selling like crazy at the last big convention I was at.
  12. RickEverhart

    Magifest Pics - Josh and Andy Talking to the Youth

    He was just the behind the scenes guy with Josh who put on this fabulous weekend. I didn't actually get to see him perform nor did he that weekend. Let me know how it is. Please tell him I was at Magifest and it was outstanding.
  13. RickEverhart

    Plz help me find this video!

    Are you asking for the name of a DVD or a youtube video?
  14. RickEverhart

    What are some iPhone magic apps that are actually worth getting?

    Not an app, but David Williamson showed how he uses a hot rod routine underneath a spectator's iPhone while it is on camera mode to show how the colors work with the photo filters...ha. It was great. Also use caution when using too much technology with phones during magic performances. You don't...
  15. RickEverhart

    Magifest Pics - Josh and Andy Talking to the Youth

    Yeah I guess I just don't realize how lucky I am to have two conventions that occur annually in my state. Definitely try to get to a convention when one comes nearby in your area. Even if you have to travel a bit. It's well worth it.
  16. RickEverhart

    Who Is Going To Magifest this weekend in Columbus OH?

    Do we have any members hitting up Magifest this weekend in Columbus? I'll be there with my son. Don't be afraid to say hi to me.
  17. RickEverhart

    Funny or Not So Funny Screw Ups - No Way Out

    Oh man...that had to be the most embarrassing feeling. We've all been there man.
  18. RickEverhart

    Funny or Not So Funny Screw Ups - No Way Out

    Ha! These are great. I love hearing other moments like this from performers. It means we are human and perform enough that "crap" will and does happen for sure. :)
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