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    PAPERCUTS by Chris Hestnes / #SecretCardProject

    Hey, man. Like JDENredden said - that's about it. Nidaros was just a short flourish video Chris and I did. Those short videos, though, is what would eventually lead to us deciding we could make a DVD if we brought in a few extra people and planned it thoroughly. :) best, Allan
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    PAPERCUTS by Chris Hestnes / #SecretCardProject

    Thanks, Casey! Nidaros was definitely a highlight for me, too - which is why I used a lot of that style for inspiration when figuring out how to shoot Papercuts. Some of the moves on the DVD are pretty knacky, and some, you can get down a lot quicker than others. No doubt, though -...
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    PAPERCUTS by Chris Hestnes / #SecretCardProject

    Won't be too specific - but we're aiming to get it out sometime later this year. Mind you, we just wrapped production on it ten days ago and both Chris and I will be very busy studying over the next few months, so putting something like this together will take some time, but if all goes to plan...
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    PAPERCUTS by Chris Hestnes / #SecretCardProject

    Very cool! I'm excited for you guys to see what we're working on. Thanks for posting! best, Allan
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    Hello, people of eleven theories and all. Hope that you're all well! Now, on to the good stuff: So. Last week - some people came to my home town. We had a plan. We filmed some stuff. They went home a week later. Here is a blog post explaining what was going on, sort of. and Here are some...
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    Magic Weekend 2008 - Sessions, Moves & Random Fun!

    Hey, Sam. Thanks! You should head over to the Blackpool Convention in February. As you probably know, last year's convention was awesome. Or, not really last year, this year, but yea. All of us will be heading over in February as well! regards, Allan
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    Magic Weekend 2008 - Sessions, Moves & Random Fun!

    MW2008 on VIMEO There's not much to say, so, enjoy. Thanks to: Stein Halvorsen Kevin Ho Dan and Dave Buck for inspiration and moves and just being generally awesome guys. Also, thanks to the community members and stuff. Currently a low resolution 720x405 is available through...
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    Yea, well, why don't you just take a trip up to Norway? shoppping.. whatever. just make up something! I'm bored! Save me! Eh. Not really, I'm actually kind of busy. But I am in desperate lack of session mates, now that Chris is busy all the time. We'll see what we make of...
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    nvm. I still stand by what I said, I just don't think T11 is the place to rant about it.
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    DVD Project

    Good for you! My apologies if I came off as sort of harsh or brutal, but it was all in good intentions, as I'm sure you understand Allan.
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    DVD Project

    Apparently, you haven't shown any out-of-the-ordinary skills or highly creative original material; which is what people expect from a DVD today. So let me get this straight. You are making a DVD. You want to sell it. Yet you don't like to answer any questions implying that you probably aren't...
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    My ClipShift Performance

    And people making that comment seems to believe, for some reason, that the clip shift is merely a color change.. =/ It is, in fact, an incredible utility move - it has so many applications.
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    Favorite Flourisher To Watch

    I do card flourishes, but never when not infront of a camera. I never practice them - only reason I do them is to play around with film making, mood and the likes. I'm like a 99% magic guy - so copperfield 14 is right. So, again, here it is, what I've said before - I don't want to be...
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    Does d+M use Snap.d to shoot a card over his shoulder?

    Gustavo - Norwegian girls are generally hard to impress - right? I'm not talking out of experience, guys. I just know they are. Yet - a well performed magic effect seems to do it, though. On another note - check your PMs, Gustavo. Regards, Allan.
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    Does the Creator Matter?

    While I don't like the thought of being mentioned as a "highly regarded flourisher", when, in fact, I hardly ever practice, and never had a passion for flourishes, I do to a certain extent agree with the abovementioned. The only reason I tutorialize some of my "material" is because I'd like...
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    How often do you drop cards while practicing flourishing?

    More often than I'd like to. I usually blame the floor. I swear, it's made of some cardboard-attracting magnetic material. Allan.
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    Orchestra of 52

    Man, who cares? Whenever I've worn a watch in videos I've worn it on my right hand. So have friends of mine. I've NEVER EVER heard ANYONE make a negative remark about it. Neither should you. There is no fixed hand to wear a wrist watch on. I should be able to wear mine around my neck without...
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    Orchestra of 52

    Eric. I generally think most cardistry/flourish stuff being put up these days is pretty bad, but this really really shocked me. This is pure poetry in motion, my friend. The camera work and cinematic feeling of the video was spot-on, and this is what a card video should look like and feel...
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    Your Tricks

    Many. However I only use a few of them, because they're practical. Right now I can think of three effects that I actually use. - Pentagon Sandwich: originally offered as a PDF on the Dananddave forums, with a video posted on my YouTube channel, the handling has since been streamlined, yet...
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    Hey. I do. Why you asked me for it, when it's in my profile, accessible for everyone, I have no...

    Hey. I do. Why you asked me for it, when it's in my profile, accessible for everyone, I have no idea.
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