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  1. Fran DC

    Saturday Night Contest - Anywhere in the World

    Guadalajara, Mexico
  2. Fran DC

    Saturday Night Contest - Ivory Card Lotto

    Card 1: 3 of Spades Card 2: 2 of Hearts Card 1: 7 of Clubs Card 2: 2 of Diamonds
  3. Fran DC

    Saturday Night Contest - Contraband Card Lotto

    Card 1: King of Hearts Card 2: Queen of Spades Card 1: Five of Clubs Card 2: Two of Clubs
  4. Fran DC

    Saturday Night Contest - Year in Review

    This year was awesome for me because i could learn a lot more such as a magician and as a person ^^.so i am glad about that.And in this incoming 2015 i want to grow and become famous for my magic.But, i remember when i did a great show in my class for everyone, i will remember that for ever ^^...
  5. Fran DC

    I really need help Please

    Hi, If i buy a deck of cards and use elite points not to pay for it. I need to pay for Shipping Fees? Answer please. Cheers. Fran Dc
  6. Fran DC

    Can't redeem elite points.

    Fixed it ^^
  7. Fran DC

    Can't redeem elite points.

    Which Browser are you using? Fran Dc
  8. Fran DC

    Not a good fit for the wire?

    Do not think in only selling thins on The Wire, try to be a better magician and practise a little bit more, Do not rush my friend. Cheers. Fran Dc
  9. Fran DC

    Not a good fit for the wire?

    Man, This performance is bad, to be honest.Polish the effect and try again. Cheers. Fran Dc
  10. Fran DC

    Help editing videos

    add me on facebook Cheers. Fran Dc
  11. Fran DC

    Help editing videos

    I can help you, I use Sony Vegas Pro 11.And if you want to we can chat here or thru Skype.Nickname "frandece".So add me pls ^^ Cheers. Fran Dc
  12. Fran DC

    "Gateway" Cardistry

    Nice video to be the first one but you need work on some moves and Editing too.But, overall good video 4 out of 5 ^^ Cheers. Fran Dc
  13. Fran DC


    Its very easy dear, when you purchase something from T11, you put that objext or item in "Your Cart" so, then select "Checkout" and in the left bottom corner you have "Transfrom Elite point into a code".They give you the code and then put Checkout again, and when you put that you will have...
  14. Fran DC

    Help! Elite Member Initiative

    The thing i would like to have is like take an early access to any download that you will put out, a free deck, and monthly receive a rare deck of my choice.And quite sometime an Skype session with an T11 memeber Cheers. Fran Dc
  15. Fran DC

    Contest Wheel Shipping Question

    It's completely free my friend.They (Theory11) pay for the Shipping Fees, so do not worry. If you have any doubt PM here in the forums Cheers. Fran Dc
  16. Fran DC

    T-Change by Oliver Smith

    Nice change, the idea of having a "T" configuration with the cards in order to change them is very nice and original.However, i found that the angles are not that good.All in all, great trick to do for an small group of people. Cheers. Fran Dc
  17. Fran DC

    How Do I Get Paid from the Wire?

    They send you a check from 50 dollars to your house Fran Dc
  18. Fran DC

    Saturday Night Contest - MC2 x 2014

    Congratulations for Paul, man .Really nice video Cheers. Fran Dc
  19. Fran DC

    Holiday Wheel?

    No problem, i can answer all your doubts but contacting the T11 support because i do not know about that. sorry, Cheers. Fran Dc
  20. Fran DC

    Holiday Wheel?

    Yes, they (Theory11) pay for the shipment fees, so do not worry.You do not need to pay nothing. If you have any doubt tell me :D Cheers. Fran Dc
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