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  1. copperfield 14

    Who are Ali, Burns Richard & Philip.

    He also created and destroyed the greatest cardistry site ever in the history of flourishing :)
  2. copperfield 14

    When is Genesis Volume 2 coming?

    Wow TOOC and genesis vol. 2 aren't out yet? Oh and for those wondering this is my first time on the site for almost a year so I'm a bit surprised at everything.
  3. copperfield 14

    XCM? Why the Name?

    We should all cal it tudoring.:o
  4. copperfield 14

    Identific tricks/flourishes

    It's the second part of Pandora found on the trilogy.
  5. copperfield 14

    GENESIS by Andrei Jikh :: Preview Video [updated 10/23/09]

    The trailer was very well made. Will there be a full move list when the dvd is released?
  6. copperfield 14

    New 1-on-1 Soon?

    Patience friend:). Theory11 has been working on alot of projects recently so they don't have the time to make a new 1on1. I'm sure there will be a new 1on1 next week. If not next week then the week after.
  7. copperfield 14

    GENESIS by Andrei Jikh :: Preview Video [updated 10/23/09]

    Can't wait to see the trailer. Hopefully the trailer will answer the "what will be on this dvd" questions.
  8. copperfield 14

    SMILE by Justin Miller

    All of my past purchases from Justin have been Top notch tricks that have always gave me the reactions I wanted( yes this sentence sounds like an infomercial). I haven't gotten this trick yet but judging from the trailer and the reviews this trick is going on my to get list. Also one more...
  9. copperfield 14

    The first step - Let's Rebuild

    Sounds like all the things RDChopper has been saying except this applies to flourishes.:) I'm still a little confused about what you guys want to do. At first people thought that you wanted to improve the community so they were giving ideas to improve the community by making videos, tutorials...
  10. copperfield 14

    Amazing XCM vid

    Yes Max is a very talented flourisher. For those that don't know he won Handlordz World Xcm tournament 2 years ago and has performed on many T.V stations in his country. If only more flourishers were like him.....
  11. copperfield 14

    Your mom.....

    Your mom.....
  12. copperfield 14

    Holidays Coming Up

    Man some of you guys are pretty rich. I'll be happy if I can get anything this year lol.
  13. copperfield 14

    Is it true you fail at life?........:P

    Is it true you fail at life?........:P
  14. copperfield 14

    Saturday Night Contest - Let's Talk About Genesis (podcast)

    Can you sum up your experience so far as a flourisher? From the time you first started to the creation of this dvd. Do you plan to release more dvds after all the genesis volumes are finished? How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  15. copperfield 14

    GENESIS by Andrei Jikh :: Release Date + Preview Video

    It will be worth 200 dollars but because there so nice they will drop the pice to 70 dollars but for the first 3 days the price will be 50 dollars if you buy a deck of props with it.:D
  16. copperfield 14

    Official T11 Chat Thread \~\~\~\

    I LOL'd at my comments. I miss the good days....
  17. copperfield 14

    Saturday Night Contest - The Genesis Video Challenge

    So umm where is the winning vid?
  18. copperfield 14

    What to say?

    You got a point.
  19. copperfield 14

    What to say?

    Magicians are more nerdy than flourishers. Imo you got to present your self better to look cool:
  20. copperfield 14

    Over-Hyped Anaconda Dribble

    Wtf are you talking about?
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