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    Does anybody know this magician?

    That's true... considering that we only interact in the online world. Hehe. - harapan. magic!
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    Does anybody know this magician?

    Hi... I think I know who this magician is. It's me. Thank you for the compliments, icannotmakeapassword! And williamdraven, I'm just a guy who likes magic, really. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a PM or just post it up here! I'll do my best to answer your...
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    Cullology - Harapan Ong

    Hey guys: Thanks for the great review, Tom! I really appreciate the support and the kind words. Glad that you liked my work on the Spread Cull. Now, to answer those questions: In my download, I do go through what you need to know about the Cull in order to perform the effects included...
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    Air Control

    Donabe (his Youtube name, I am not using his real name) is producing a DVD in Japan currently in which the Air Control will be taught. It's privately sold, so good luck in trying to buy it. - harapan. magic!
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    Joel Paschall - I thought...

    When you all demanded for more regular 1 on 1 updating, they were kind enough to promise a new 1 on 1 EVERY week. That's EVERY week. Now, we begin getting picky about the quality of what they produce, wishing every 1 on 1 came from Chris Kenner's hard-to-come-by-and-even-harder-to-create...
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    3 Trick Rule - Agree Or Disagree?

    It's not just a suggestion - I think it's a lot more than that. When Lee Asher said to learn 3 tricks, he was referring to beginners starting out in magic. I hope we all agree that sometimes (in fact, in many cases), beginners in magic often are too excited when they first come in touch...
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    Card to Shoe

    You can find a nice description/explanation for the Card in Shoe effect in Expert Card Technique,by Hugard and Braue. - harapan. magic!
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    Custom Cards - A Fad?

    I've always wondered if the apparent durability of these custom cards ae imaginary, and arise due to the fact that you paid a load of money for them. - harapan. magic!
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    Cerca Trova Ideas

    Hey Jonas: Maybe it's revolutionary because they managed to package the "instant downloads" thing into something that many believe to be new and exciting. Cerca Trova idea: Where is Theory11 headed? - harapan. magic!
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    Short Thumb

    Worried about your short thumbs? Unable to do flourishes/XCM/cardistry due to short thumbs? LOOK NO FURTHER! HERE'S THE SOLUTION! CLICK HERE, BABY! Hope it helps. - harapan. magic!
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    Jackie Chan Astonished

    Haha, you Westerners all look the same to me. :P That was a pretty poor performance. If my eyes didn't deceive me, the Bicycle Ace changed into a Bee Ace. Interesting... that's where the real magic is. Jackie Chan's awesome. For those who know who he is, Jay Chou has been doing some...
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    Favorite Packet Trick

    I carry around Alex Elmsley's Four Card Trick in my wallet everyday for a reason. Simple, effective, no gimmicks at all, no extra cards, only 4 cards, has audience interaction in the form of a game, AND has an impossible back-colour changing ending. Plus, it uses only 1 or 2 sleights in the...
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    Joshua Jay - Talk about Tricks?

    As a Joshua Jay fan, I have to say that the Talk About Tricks DVD set is THE BEST magic DVD i have ever bought. If you are talking about the quality of the tricks, do know that the tricks inside come from professionals and masters like Greogry Wilson, Joshua Jay himself, Paul Cummins and...
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    A Legend Is Gone: Herb Zarrow Passes

    A man whose move contributed so much to all card magicians today. RIP, Mr Zarrow. - harapan. magic!
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    More on Joel Paschall's Believe

    Sadly, in many cases today, not anymore. Believe, if completely impromptu, is one effect I would be VERY interested in. - harapan. magic!
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    Does Coin Magic...

    I think there are many tricks in magic, not just coin tricks, that don't have logical sense. Yet, they're constantly performed everywhere around the world by many magicians. Think about that for a moment. Do magic tricks necessarily need perfect "logical sense"? - harapan. magic!
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    David Copperfield : On YouTube

    We all love b*tching about Youtube magic, don't we? Here's Mr. Copperfield's short little take on that. Enjoy. - harapan. magic!
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    Vernon's Cups and Balls

    Chris B: Do NOT question the power of the Ammar! - harapan. magic!
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    Vernon's Cups and Balls When something says "Ammar" on it, you know you can't go wrong. - harapan. magic!
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    Old Timer Magicians

    Found something for you all to enjoy. "Old Timer" magician Tom Stone, in Japan. He was on a Japanese TV programme which invited 5 of the greatest close-up magicians in the world to perform, including Lennart Green and Max Maven. - harapan. magic!
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