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  1. Jewish_Illusion


    classic tommy wonder
  2. Jewish_Illusion

    My Website (Work In Progress)

    Hey guys seeing as there is a solid amount of good advice on this thread right now, I hope nobody minds if I post a link to my website (also a work in progress) and If I could get any feedback that would be great. Iknow it is missing alot, but let me know what you think...
  3. Jewish_Illusion

    As a 14 year old, where can you start doing shows?

    Just throwing this out there, I am a 14 year old magician from Baltimore and I have been performing semipro for the last 2 years and believe it or not, people actually hire me. I get about 2 or 3 shows a month, though these are mainly birthdays and camps, kid shows etc., mind you but they do...
  4. Jewish_Illusion

    Saturday Night Contest - Animal Kingdom Lotto

    6 of diamonds 7 of spades 8 of clubs 4 of spades jack of diamonds seven of diamonds 9 of hearts 3 of clubs 5 of hearts
  5. Jewish_Illusion

    Spider pen pro?

    although I don't have it my friend does and technically you don't need a pocket if you dont mind clipping it to the neck of your shirt or likewise because it has to be located around chest level to work effectively
  6. Jewish_Illusion

    Magic Contests... useful or not?

    I think that winning an official magic competition is good even for the layman, i mean imagine this was an excerpt from your website " magician (insert name here) has performed in multiple countries, including...etc." OR "Award winning magician (insert name here) has performed in multiple...
  7. Jewish_Illusion

    Newbie from NYC

    .................... welcome to the forums, why dont you tell us a little more about yourself-when and how you got into magic, etc.
  8. Jewish_Illusion

    Who is Howard Hamburg?

    Hey guys I had an oppurtunity to see this guy in action in a lecture presented in denny and lee's magic studio in baltimore, and it was an amazing experience. when i heard about the lecture, at first i was thinking "oh, just another magiciian dind tricks, but this guy lived in the times of...
  9. Jewish_Illusion

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Camera Challenge

    i cant do this cuz I dont have an iphone or android! sucks to be ,me1
  10. Jewish_Illusion

    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    Romney 323 Obama 215 Romney 279 Obama 259
  11. Jewish_Illusion

    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish!

    here it is, hope its in time
  12. Jewish_Illusion

    Saturday Night Contest - Rearranging The Code

    13072800 80013027 23100087
  13. Jewish_Illusion

    JAQK Cellars

    what is the difference?
  14. Jewish_Illusion

    JM's First hand vs RS's Extreme burn 2.0

    I agree, however I have developed my own method for extrme burn that can be done in the spectators hands aside from that, the power of extreme burn is not in its impossibility,(which it still is) but rather in its versitality
  15. Jewish_Illusion

    JAQK Cellars

    I dont know if anybody else noticed this, but if you go to the red JAQK section in the Playing cards section of t11 there is alink to the jaqk cellars website, where you can purchase the original JAQK playing cards for only $9! they are sold out on T11 but I thought I should point it out...
  16. Jewish_Illusion

    JM's First hand vs RS's Extreme burn 2.0

    I dont own First Hand By justin miller ,but i do own Extreme burn 2.0 and I will say that nothing triumphs over extreme burn Why is this? . In extreme burn there are tons of handlings for any situation, including 4 or 5 different ways to naturally display, count out and hand out the bills for...
  17. Jewish_Illusion

    Angry Bird Sponges aka. Mad Sponges

    I dont believe they are sold (at least new) anymore
  18. Jewish_Illusion

    My Edited Video

    that trick can actually fool people live, but since you cant use even basic misdirection in a recorded video then it is relatively easy to figure out. however, the filming and editing was truly beautiful and keep up the good work
  19. Jewish_Illusion


    So you are creating an effect.......but you need to learn ACAAN to create it.......which would make it a variation on an ACAAN, which by the way there are many different versions of the ACAAN........... I don't know whether or not it can be adapted to a blank deck, but here's a sample link...
  20. Jewish_Illusion

    Magic By Pavel Yakimov HD

    you have some solid skill, and i liked the last change,so keep iy up
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