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    John Bannon's Smoke & Mirrors

    The trick Vicious Rumors from that book is one that I really enjoy.
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    the one handed pass

    Erdnase? Isn't this the Ellis/James loading move?
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    ACAAN - Your favourite version/Best version

    The one that's described in Mnemonica is the one I do the most. My favorite is probably the half stooged version described in Racherbaumer's At the Table.
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    Hatin on Gimmicks

    >Doing tricks on the "spur of the moment" >Using a deck of cards If you're going to carry a deck of cards around on you 24/7, then what difference does one extra prop make?
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    Colour Change Advice!

    -Double Lift -Top Change
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    Frustrated with magic!!

    Begin with the basics. Get 'Royal Road to Card Magic' or 'Card College Volume 1.'. Work through those first, get everything in those down, then go back to the other flashy stuff.
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    False Count Name?

    The biddle steal.
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    favorite aerial move?

    The TG deck flip, dribble, and spring are 3 that I've always loved to do.
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    Erdnase's One handed bottom deal

    one handed dealing is more deceptive, but also more suspicious, since it requires such a large action to complete the deal. There's more cover available to execute a hidden move.
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    This Video Has Magicians PISSED!

    The truth always pisses everyone off. If people honestly get annoyed at this it's because it highlights how much of their script is unoriginal and typical.
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    What do you consider a "Holy Grail"?

    A perfect, one for one, in the hands riffle shuffle.
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    Why are magicians reluctant to use two decks?

    Not sure how being a close up magician would restrict the amount of decks one uses.
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    Why are magicians reluctant to use two decks?

    Because it's so difficult to reach into your pocket and pull something out. Holy wow, does that take a lot of practice.
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    Favourite Spectator Involvement Tricks

    I'm a bit confused; could you explain the difference in presentation between a memorized deck and a shuffled deck in use? But yeah, the sheer bulletproofness of it is a bit overkill for laymen.
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    Best opening card effect

    What kind of time constraints are being assumed? You are describing the ideal situation, but sometimes, depending on the audience and the venue, (and the varying states of sobriety), you will not actually have enough time with your introduction, regardless of your ability.
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    Favourite Spectator Involvement Tricks

    Mnemonicosis and Diplopia are two that I do regularly that involve the spectator on more than just a physical level.
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    Best opening card effect

    I agree with your second point, but... You need a certain amount of prestige or ethos to pull that kind of opening off. If they haven't perceived you as a person that's worth giving time and attention to, they generally won't give you the time and attention needed for a properly substantial...
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    Comments on this trick?

    Try reading who posted what.
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    Comments on this trick?

    I still think you were being a bit presumptuous in your first post. You could honestly say the same thing about literally any standard plot in close up magic. *The card comes to the top*. Why, for what possible reason or inherent logical premise?
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    Who is your favorite magician? card man?

    Juan Tamariz. Alex Elmsley comes close.
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