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  1. faizpardesi

    Mystery Box

    Any hints on where to start looking for this mystery? I tried a lot but got no success.. I have the mystery box
  2. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Contest - March Madness

    Villanova 95-87
  3. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Contest - St. Patrick's Day Lotto!

    Card 1: 9 of clubs Card 2: Queen of Diamonds Card 1: 8 of Diamonds Card 2: 9 of Spades
  4. faizpardesi

    Deck display Return? ( Preferbally a mod answer this)

    Hopefully, the team has something else in the works that would be different and much better!
  5. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Contest - 100k!

    You just made my day ! Daniel Garcia is one of my favourite magicians and his new material looks very good so I am super excited. Thanks Theory11 team and the members on this forum!
  6. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Contest - 100k!

    Congratulations! That's an amazing milestone. 100k on Instagram is mindblowing! Here's the entry I spent my entire day on: Both my pictures are on there. One is edited and one is slightly colour corrected, that's all. REALLY REALLY hoping to win for the first...
  7. faizpardesi

    not approved by theory 11

    If I were to make a guess, I would say its a quite simple trick that has been done a lot in the past. There's nothing new about it whatsoever and the moderators here at Theory11 require you to present an original trick, in terms of handling, at least, if not an entirely new trick. Also, the...
  8. faizpardesi


    The card collection prize on the Holiday Wheel (Not for the decks but the desktop display !) Should've been nice all year round to have such high hopes...:D Jokes aside, I would love to get Zodiac.
  9. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto

    Red: Jack of Hearts Green: 10 of hearts Red: 10 of Hearts Green: Jack of hearts
  10. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Wheel!

    +100 Points won in 2017 Holiday Contest!
  11. faizpardesi

    10K points ... what now?

    Oh wow ! Can't wait !
  12. faizpardesi

    10K points ... what now?

    I've been an elite member since 2016, still haven't received any card or even an elite member email to date = /
  13. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Contest - High Victorian Lotto

    Card 1: 5 of Diamonds Cards 2: 3 of Spades Card 1: 5 of Spades Card 2: 3 of Diamonds
  14. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Contest - Akkelian Prediction

    10 of Diamonds Jack of Spades
  15. faizpardesi

    The Deck Shelves May Be Out Of Stock...

    Seeing it sold out makes me kinda happy, I've got 5 of those now and if they're out of stock, it could mean newer options in the near future. I missed out greatly on the tabletop display shelf, personally, I'd wish those come back. If not, I look forward to seeing some new display (Please...
  16. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Blake Vogt

    1.) Have you worked with Dan White on any trick that has been released in the past? 2.) Have you ever performed alongside with Dan White in the past? 3.) Any future collaborations in the works with Dan White or anyone else for an upcoming release?
  17. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Contest - National Card Lotto

    Card 1: 5 of hearts Card 2: Ace of Diamonds Card 1: Ace of Hearts Card 2: 5 of Diamonds
  18. faizpardesi

    Saturday Night Contest - Where in the World?

    Livingston, Alabama
  19. faizpardesi

    Elite Membership

    Can we expect something cool in the archive soon? I have severe FOMO. So I'm scared to use my points for something only to see something amazing has been released and I don't have enough points to purchase it.....
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