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    Dealing with the Seal

    I run my finger across the seal around the thumb hole, been doing it for years - a knife could probably get a cleaner cut but I don't think anyone notices anything about the box at all...unless you use it in a trick :
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    My riffle stacking work

    Not bad - I'm assuming your work revolves around a gambling theme? This looked great for a demonstration of things you could do in, say, a texas hold'em game. Can you do it with a 5 card hand? Could you put the cards wherever you needed within the deal - say someone said 'Deal the kings to...
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    top 5

    That's one of my favorites - equally good for laymen as it is for fooling magicians. To answer the first post : You should do the routines you've learned that are also good for close-up situations. Mine are not better than yours (I may do them better, hard to tell without anything to go on) but...
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    Where to start

    Mastered? Surely your journey towards mastering sleights has lead you to something. Go to the T11 store. Search for free stuff. Find Jason Englands book recommendations - pick one. Also - the amount of cheesiness in any magic trick has nothing to do with the trick and everything to do with...
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    No Tear Paper appears to have bulk Tyvek in many forms - just another possible lead.
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    Most Practical Version of Haunted Deck?

    I think a mini-sharpie in the card box with the card would be a nice touch and would give the spirit something to write with. Also agree with baguette cutting the deck is boring enough as it is...maybe talk about something spirit related, I don't actually have a suggestion though- overall a...
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    The Urban Shaman

    And this still changes nothing - it's hearsay - I'm not asking for proof, I'm saying if I am not a part of the community it means the same whether it exists or is imaginary. And I hope it achieves exactly what you wish it to achieve. I actually hope the 'movement' stays true to what the core...
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    Starting Ring Magic

    Garrett Thomas Ring Thing. There's a lot more on finger ring magic out there - but that's where I'd start. If you want ring and string / ring and wand effects I think there is a World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians on Finger Ring Magic. Search the site as well.
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    Invisible loop ideas?

    I only own Daniel Garcia's DVD and it has some great material on it - I've seen Kranzo lecture and if his loops work is anything like the material he showed a few years ago it's gold, he's a very underrated creator in magic. Justin Miller probably has some great tips as well - but I actually...
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    The Urban Shaman

    The benefits may or may not be worth it - I was merely hinting at the fact that the idea is more powerful than the existence of the society. Even just knowing one exists but not knowing what they do or how to get in is more exciting than joining - it's like seeing 2 cards transpose impossibly...
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    Card Cleaner/ How do YOU clean your cards?

    ^ what he said. I actually love throwing cards so all of my old decks get put into a box that I pull out of when I want to practice tossing a few cards from the ordinary (box of cards that were once in a) pack. It's literally a shoe box full of loose cards.
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    The Urban Shaman

    Realistically no system needs to be in place in order for you to make your audience think that there is already a secret society that is exclusive to join...and unless you know for sure you're only taking Craig's word that it exists now. Just a thought.
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    Stage Show

    That explains a lot... On a serious note - Listen to Craig as he's as qualified as anyone else on these forums and in the majority of cases more qualified (as he's done/been a part of stage shows before...unlike us close-up hobby magicians) As he said the best stage shows (coming from someone...
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    Help me get Started

    I like writing down the effect from the spectators point of view and play with it for a while, if it's not good I let it go and come back to my description of the effect later and try to work a method from scratch. If I have learned a new move or been working on completely different ideas a new...
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    minimal amount of time using trick?

    Also it's not illegal to video it and show the mechanics and put it on youtube as a private video - it can keep track of when you uploaded the video for times sake while you work on refining and perfecting the move and going forward with it's possible release if it does turn out to be an...
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    Books on magic THEORY

    I'll throw a short book that has immediate exercises and further exercises dealing with speaking in front of people as well doing magic written by the Millionaires Magician Steve Cohen. The book is called Win the Crowd - it's inexpensive (I think I got it for $12-13) and can be found at most...
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    Birthday Money

    Check your bank for half dollars - just ask if they have a few dollars worth of half dollars - they'll trade them evenly if they do - they won't be walking liberties or barbers but they'll be big enough for magic and most people watching won't notice date changes in coins across or anything like...
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    Performance videos

    Zac - I haven't been on these forums in a while - slowly getting back into the magic scene - good to see you're still living the dream and performing regularly. That folded, burned (thought of) card to sealed deck is a pretty awesome effect.
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    Tell me about your first time...

    This is good advice for life - not just performing. Taking care of your body will help with confidence in general and can be a springboard for all kinds of opportunities. My first time performing? I haven't done paid gigs - but the free gigs I've done at retirement homes and the random acts of...
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    Birthday Money

    Coins could go well - copper, silver, brass was already suggested but learning something like a muscle pass can draw attention. Ring and String material can be pretty killer - finger ring magic in general is great and can vary from your ring to their ring and from there ring and string, ring on...
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