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  1. AlexanderB

    Just listen to the Melody

    You should probably do. Don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe on YouTube guys.
  2. AlexanderB


    -delete this post-
  3. AlexanderB

    Masterfile or Utopia?

    It depends on your character while you're performing. But personally I think that the Utopia is a better choice. But that's just me, keep that in mind.
  4. AlexanderB

    Trick for The Wire

    That is awesome! You should definitely sumbit this to The Wire. I look forward to buying this man.
  5. AlexanderB

    How is this Force called?

    It's a Classic force.
  6. AlexanderB

    Anyone out there in St. Petersburg?

    I'm sure he meant Russia.
  7. AlexanderB

    Hay every one

    You are such an intellegent person.
  8. AlexanderB

    'Interception' by Mystery Mark?

    It really fooled me badly so many times, definately looking forward to buy it :D
  9. AlexanderB


    The haunted pack part seemed a bit rushed (you did it too fast, watch how Patrick does it), apart from that everything is fine, especially the pop out move (it's as good as Patrick's one). Great job man.
  10. AlexanderB

    Countless Control ?

    Nice! Haven't seen this before and have NO clue how the move works.
  11. AlexanderB

    Eric Ross on the Ellen Show

    He did not look nervous to me, absolutely. Everything I disliked is the way he performed the first transposition effect (I mean the way he handled the deck). Also, the last effect he performed (Rizer), was rushed a liiiiiitle bit. But besides of that, everything was really nice. Great job, Eric!
  12. AlexanderB

    Looking for a Specific Control

    It's a fantastic thing that only one person mentioned about the multiple culling as a control to the bottom of the deck. It's the way to go!
  13. AlexanderB

    SMOKE into Card Routines

    You can use it after doing a double lift (I'm sure you know what I'm saying). Or, you can use it while doing Daniel Madison's Half Vanish.
  14. AlexanderB

    what tricks can i do when people are burning my hands ?

    Don't perform to an audience that burns your hands and openly say that they are trying to catch you. In all cases you will lose. The magic is not the thing that should be performed when audience expects you to do funny moves, it's about naturalness of the situation. But that's just an opinion of...
  15. AlexanderB

    Snap Change Tricks

    If you want a good idea for a trick with a snap change, I recommend the Dan and Dave's Commercial 1on1. There are three points why I do so. Firstly, this variation of a Snap Change (which is called Click Change) is MUCH more angle proof, the clean up is very easy. Secondly, you get a nice force...
  16. AlexanderB

    New sentinels?

    The old deck becomes thicker because of the temperature differences. Also, every single card becomes thicker because of using the deck (that sounds weird and obvious, I know), and all 54 cards make that 5 card "difference" you see. If you could get a time machine, go back to the August 2010 and...
  17. AlexanderB

    An essay on the Classic Pass

    So here is me guys after talking with Mark for an hour :) He showed me some great subtleties on Classic Pass that make it 99% angle proof! It may sound unbelievebly, but it is so. His variation is fluid and very smooth. I really like it and will put very much practice in it so I can use this...
  18. AlexanderB

    Through a layman's eyes, which looks fairer?

    Delete this post, please.
  19. AlexanderB

    Through a layman's eyes, which looks fairer?

    If you perform magic, each of those three options should look fair. But if you position yourself like a cardman, none of those are applicable. But that's just my opinion.
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