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  1. eostresh

    Is Overstuft examinable?

    David St. Hubbins: It's such a fine line between stupid, and uh... Nigel Tufnel: Clever.
  2. eostresh

    Body Language

    Well done! It is always cooler when you pick the other guy ;) because you get a little more performance milked out of it but you can't really control that. Fun stuff!
  3. eostresh

    Presentation vs. the actual effect

    That is actually an excellent example of guys who use really clever methods and yet also take the time to invest just as much time in their presentation. Probably the only reason they didn't come up is that the T-11 community(look at their product line) is heavily skewed towards close up magic.
  4. eostresh

    Chasing the Impossible

    You seem pretty concerned about the high level theory behind magic. Perhaps this might help. Sleights of mind
  5. eostresh

    Ambitious card performance

    Your tilt also needs a bit of practice as well as catching breaks. It is under 2 minutes, so it isn't excessively long. That is a good thing. But structurally there is a build but no climax. I really believe that ACRs usually demand a card to impossible location(ie. CTW) or some other...
  6. eostresh

    Presentation vs. the actual effect

    I am not sure I understood the gist of your last post? If you are asking if a solid trick can overcome bad presentation....I don't think so. It could be fun for magicians to practice and session with but probably not enough to overcome the expectations of the laity. Putting it simply....a good...
  7. eostresh

    Bicycle vs Bee

    If you are talking to Carta-mundi....use Carta-mundi stock.
  8. eostresh

    Bicycle 404

    Oh yeah! Those are fun! If I get a chance I'll post my shrinking deck in a day or two. Fun stuff
  9. eostresh

    Card Glue

    That is recommended but I let one side dry but not the other. That way I have a few seconds to line everything up if I happened to miss my marks slightly.
  10. eostresh

    Card Glue

    You can go crazy and use Dry Mount and other adhesives. I have tried many but honestly I stick with Rubber Cement (as Rick said)any more. It is pretty decent, easy to work with, and easy to find. The quality of the card will only be "slightly" less than what you would get by using fancy glues...
  11. eostresh

    Cards for table work?

    Yes there are tons of custom Bees that look and perform better. I was just starting them off as a recommendation because they are cheap, and if you are new you likely won't notice the difference yet. Look for anything that says Bee Aristocrat. And for something even better look for Bee...
  12. eostresh

    Where can I download FOUNDATIONS by Jason England

    Wow!....That takes some serious brass! LOL Other than that I am speechless!
  13. eostresh

    Cards for table work?

    I agree with Chris about a traditional cut but it is only really necessary when you get into heavy shuffle work. For starters standard Bees will be great. They are border-less (easier to disguise false dealing techniques) and the bee stock "softens up" quicker than Bike or Tally ho. This makes...
  14. eostresh

    Saturday Night Contest - Are You Psycho?

    Seriously can't believe someone took Ostrich from me! That was like karmically uncool Josh!
  15. eostresh

    Saturday Night Contest - Are You Psycho?

    A Naked Mole Rat Honey Badger Coelacanth
  16. eostresh

    One Trick Decks

    Well said. And to be fair, I have that a bit too. Thus the reason I was nonplussed about the triumph deck. But being a bit of an elitist and holding yourself to a high standard is quite a bit different than forcing elitism on others. If someone was incapable of performing Triumph without...
  17. eostresh

    One Trick Decks

    Yeah I think you and I are not too far off. That is to say neither of us are "extremists." You are able to keep more organized with your close up pocket management and thus you are more comfortable with extra deck than I but the philosophies are not too far off. There are definitely uses for...
  18. eostresh

    Magic and Intelligence

    That is really a funny perception. I suppose anyone who gets obsessed with a hobby could be accused of wasting their potential. Ironically though, of all the hobbies I can think of, magic has by far the highest proportion of practitioners who leverage their hobby into making money. My step mom...
  19. eostresh

    One Trick Decks

    To be fair Toby, my comment about being lazy would not apply to any of the decks you mentioned. You mention decks that are very unique(Jurassic deck or a blank deck) or they accomplish feats that would take a year to perfect with sleight of hand and even then there would be a decent chance of a...
  20. eostresh

    One Trick Decks

    The guy does sound like a bit of an ass but I can see where he is coming from. I too thought that particular effect was a little ridiculous. Why bother to gimmick an effect in which there are scores of very nice sleight of hand methods? Just doesn't make sense to me. Invisible deck....sure. But...
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