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    UltraViolet Deck Feedback

    I actually really like them. The only thing that bothers me is how large the indices are. That's why I never use jumbo faced Bikes. Other than that, I really like them.
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    The world's hardest and longest card cut

    I agree. For the past two-three days I have seen Formula make a snide comment towards people that is totally uncalled for and I kept my mouth shut, which is something he seems unwilling to do. I hate saying this, but it ruins my day when I see someone just leisurely posting and then that guy...
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    Psychological Forces?

    I'm not quite sure that DM said this. I have his book on psych effects, in which he goes over a bunch of psych forces, and he says that no force is 100%. What lecture note set is this?
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    Paint the Roses Red - Lewis Le' Val

    I do agree that Harmony was great, but the roundtable/PDF material was great as well. I really loved that stuff. I also got mine at Penguin.
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    Paint the Roses Red - Lewis Le' Val

    Of course. Harmony is worth the price alone. It is fantastic. The advice they gave was better than all the tricks for me. They were being honest and real, as where others are very prude about it, at least from my experiences. I do really like the DVD, as I said, but the material wasn't what I...
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    Paint the Roses Red - Lewis Le' Val

    Paint the Roses Red is the debut DVD from UK magician Lewis Le' Val. The DVD contains 7 effects, 4-5 PDFs, and a 45 minute roundtable discussion. I want to be clear and honest when I give this review here, so any harsh things I...
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    List of mobile phone and ipod magic on the Wire

    I can attest to I'm also part of what Asher's talking about. This is gonna be awesome.
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    flourish price

    I have one up called Twisted Genome for $6.95, granted I teach 3 flourishes, a sleight, and a double color change... I would at least charge $4.95 for yours though.
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    Please Watch

    Danny Garcia does this at the perfect speed because, well, it's his effect. I agree with others. Go rewatch Danny's performance of it. Start over. Then add some patter after you can do these moves blindfolded.
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    Twisted Genome - New Wire Release

    Hey guys! I just released my first Wire product, Twisted Genome. Twisted Genome is a download containing 3 flourishes and two bonuses that are also very flourishy, but not cardistry in nature. So you get the 3 flourishes, a way to get a double lift from a spread deck of cards when...
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    Saturday Night Contest - A Shuffled Chaos

    3 of diamonds = top Q of clubs = bottom.
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    The Ishkabibble Inflict

    I actually really liked those combined. Good job.
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    BLISTER - Has anyone heard or seen this effect?

    Just video chatted with Jared about this. It's pretty awesome, no lie. I really enjoyed it. I was rather envious as well. Genius idea it was. Completely impromptu. No set up at all. Good going Jared.
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    Psycho by Daniel Madison

    I love D's way of thinking, mainly because it's how I think. I really enjoyed Psycho.
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    BLISTER - Has anyone heard or seen this effect?

    Dalton Wayne was talking about this effect the other day on Facebook.
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    Permanent Ink - Dalton Wayne

    Artist: Dalton Wayne Site: Theory11 Ad: Permanent Ink is a gimmick that allows you to do the impossible, imagine the unimaginable, and eff the ineffable. In one performance, the magician shows his/her hand completely clean and...
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    Daniel Madison's Deceptions?

    Seeing as how I have nearly every product DM releases, I can help. The effects in there present you with some very creative solutions to the TNR and sandwich plots. I actually really enjoyed both of those magazines. What else do you wanna know?
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    Steampunk Deck

    Did you ever see the Seasons deck?! That thing was a work of art. I'm sure T11 saw it. If there was a deck that deserved a larger company picking it up, it was that one. Did that happen? No. Sorry to sound harsh, but it's just my opinion.
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    "Think of a Card" (Before You Read)

    4 of hearts or diamonds.
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    You Arrogant Little...

    Every time I read one of your posts. Just being honest.
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