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  1. Ashrei

    Holiday Contest WHEEL WHAT U WON?

    50 pts. That just put me into Elite Membership. Every little points count. (Am I supposed to get notified about my elite membership? Not sure about what changes from here.)
  2. Ashrei

    Saturday Night Contest - Contraband Card Lotto

    Guess 1. Ace of Diamond Ace of Spade Guess 2. Nine of Diamonds Six of Clubx
  3. Ashrei

    Showing potential signs of Parkinson's

    I am not good at giving comforting statements. What I can say is this though: At least at the early stage (Parkinson progresses differently for different people, plenty of clinical trials to find out why, but nothing certain yet), the tremor is limited to resting tremor. Means when you are at...
  4. Ashrei

    What's one deck you wish you owned?

    Black Dr. Leon, hands down. For one reason or another, I'm retiring card collection anyhow, so it probably won't happen.
  5. Ashrei

    Saturday Night Contest - White Magic Roundtable

    1. How are you?
  6. Ashrei

    Colored Decks

    Actually, there used to be URL links to those. I am not sure if they are still around. I'd ask Magic-Makers Inc. for them though.
  7. Ashrei

    Happy Birthday T11

    Good lord... it's been 6 years...? I recall going through all the source pages for all those fun contest stuff. Looking forward to what's to come.
  8. Ashrei

    Tricks with 4 Aces

    There are bunch of good ones from Brain Storm by Mr. John Guastaferro. He also released other ones as well. Mr. Oz Pearlman's Watch Magic has interesting one, but that may require a card selection. When done correctly, Thunderbird by Mr. Lee Asher's 4 ace production looks stunning.
  9. Ashrei

    Asking a favor for plotting a performance

    Eh, now that sounded more like a teenager's tantrum... To think I was trying to stick out for ya... I have no doubt you have those qualifying statements. (maybe some, but not enough to bug you with it) My biggest question is, have you spoken with your client (father's boss) about what he is...
  10. Ashrei

    Asking a favor for plotting a performance

    Moot point. Surgeons are required to go through the training before they can even be hired as a surgeon through residencies and fellowships. You don't need to build a straw-man here. He's in a pickle and the point is made. The best we can hope for is a damage control. Sadly, I don't spend...
  11. Ashrei

    Saturday Night Contest - Race to the Finish

    Jikh: 24.65 or 22.94
  12. Ashrei

    Saturday Night Contest: Animal Kingdom Predict

    Whoa... I did not see this coming at all... Sweet!
  13. Ashrei

    Saturday Night Contest: Animal Kingdom Predict

    Hedgehog Kangaroo Alpaca
  14. Ashrei

    Most Well Designed Magic Book

    Surprised to see the Paper Engine - Aaron Fisher did not make it onto anyone's list thus far...
  15. Ashrei

    Effects that make you look smart

    Thank you for the input. Farrow's system does look great, though I'd still have to weigh the cost into the equation... From your description, it may be worth the cost.
  16. Ashrei

    Effects that make you look smart

    Steer, any book you would suggest on mnemonics? I'm sure I can get great number of resources on 'em through google search, but since you said you can vouch for their effectiveness, I was wondering if you had used anyone else's methods in that regards.
  17. Ashrei

    Saturday Night Contest - Inside The Magic Box

    I never really was a big fan of magic. It was never been presented in a good way to me. I enjoyed it for the sake of puzzle solving, demystifying aspect of it all. I even copied some of other magicians from school doing some tricks. This summarizes my experiences in high school. The real...
  18. Ashrei

    Colorado Magicians?

    Richard is such a cool guy. I used to go see him at Reinke Brothers in Littleton. Not sure what he's up to nowadays.... I recall seeing him at either Banachek's or Gene Anderson's show in 2012. Oh, I live in Denver.
  19. Ashrei

    Saturday Night Contest - Name This Flourish!

    Spiral Sheath Quick Spin
  20. Ashrei

    Card Design

    The red one looks A LOT like Walgreens Logo in U.S....
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