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  1. MattTarrant

    New Trick I Invented

  2. MattTarrant

    Saturday Night Contest - Capture the Cards

    Actually think its a less even playing field. Using instagram doesn't stop people from using other app's or photoshop first at all. But you are making it uneven for the people that use other phones, such as Windows Phone 7 or those that don't have smart phones.
  3. MattTarrant

    theory11's Five New Releases?

    More like Blue Crown I reckon, Get point's for every Dollar you spend, and you can use those point's to enter competitions and/or buy products.
  4. MattTarrant

    Derren Brown

    Cried tears of unicorn blood when I saw you called him "darren" Derren Brown has a lecture, but may be hard to find. Most of his effects are his own, but you may be able to find some parts of his routines available. Really depends on what you are after.
  5. MattTarrant

    Morgan Strebler's Facebook Metal Bend?

    Was part of it. Was an interesting method, 'worked' for most people but there were a few who it did not - assume they were using new forks/spoons.
  6. MattTarrant

    Derren Brown brought me on stage!

    What an incredible opportunity! Well done mate!
  7. MattTarrant

    Best theory11 Product

    This thread is ridiculous. The fact you have taken out effects because you can steal them on YouTube is disgraceful.
  8. MattTarrant

    Why haven't we yet?

    Rudy Coby.
  9. MattTarrant

    JAQK Cellars

    Yes there is. The JAQK Cellars Cards have a One Way Design. The JAQK Logo in the Middle is not mirrored. Where as the Theory11 Deck is Mirrored as below:
  10. MattTarrant

    A Brown Wynn, White Centurion, Should I Open Them?

    Depends I guess, Are you collecting them, or do you want to use them? I commonly use Brown Wynns and other rare decks in performances, or even in practicing. But I have about 5 dozen Wynns alone so it doesn't really bother me.
  11. MattTarrant

    New tshirts

    And there is no picture in your post.
  12. MattTarrant

    Buck Twins

    When I watched EMC in 2011 and saw that even the Buck's themselves were too scared to perform their own flourishes and when they did - dropped cards - I realized Flourishing is something that I am more than happy to have a couple of things up my sleeve with, but nothing I would ever put too much...
  13. MattTarrant

    A nice THIN deck of cards?

    My favourite 'Thin' Deck are Massa's.
  14. MattTarrant

    Working as a Magician on a Cruise Ship!

    Firstly, Sounds awesome man! Would be interested to know about the lifestyle you had on the ship while not working (Could you have a good time aswell?), Aswell as the audience (Elderly? Young?) Hours/Times you worked? How many days a week? Pay? What was it like? Think a Video would be the...
  15. MattTarrant

    SIX New Releases + Free White Monarchs - Friday!

    Great. So I get to spend $70 at least to get a deck. No thanks T11. Perhaps next time you can I dunno, just release a deck like normal?
  16. MattTarrant

    Arguing With Spectators

    Jebus, You hit a guy over a magic effect?
  17. MattTarrant

    Through and Through by Dan Hauss

    Noticed this is now no where to be seen on Paper Crane, nor anywhere else. Is this the new "Warning" by DG? Happy to have gotten a copy before anyway :).
  18. MattTarrant

    America's Got Talent - Stripper Magician

    Wow. That's about all I have got to say.
  19. MattTarrant

    The World's Hardest and Longest Cut

    Is it just me, Or do others enjoy your videos more without the space outfit/green screen? Anyway, loved it mate. Well done
  20. MattTarrant

    My video response: for Mixed Entertainment! =P

    What on earth did I just waste 30 second of my life watching.
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