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    That post is old, how did you find it?
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    Who Here Are Ellusionist Forum Members

    I am a member there, here and Penguin too.
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    Working as a Magician on a Cruise Ship!

    I'm still waiting, make that three.
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    Cerca Trova Ideas

    Cerca Trova died?
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    Custom Bicycle Playing Cards

    I think if you can make an awesome, original design that has some sort of hidden thing in it, it will increase your chances of having backers. For example: If you have a deck with a certain design on it that when you fan, makes a pattern or an image or a message, that would be awesome and would...
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    Working as a Magician on a Cruise Ship!

    Have watched it now. Very informative and the bonus was my favourite part (specifically the reasons why you did what you did in the C.O)
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    Do ya ever look back?

    I found the 'coin squeeze' video to be most amusing. Thank you for sharing.
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    The Pass

    I've heard people recommend Ninja 1 then once they get the basic technique down, Pass With Care helps them to perfect their pass.
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    Dan & Dave Change Magic - Playing Cards

    Some people are thick, some people are unobservant and some people plan just don't care. And no, it's never too early to start. But it can be too late. ;)
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    Just when we thought it couldn't get worse...

    For the sheer amusement.
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    Just when we thought it couldn't get worse...

    Can't we just let Steerpike loose on him and call it a day? Even if it's already called that.
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    Get Off Your High Horse...

    Exactly. Steerpike is like that on E, he chooses to be different here. Maybe the people don't respond as well to nicety as they do on E and they need a little tough love. Regardless, not everyone is like that here and thus why some people complain about him. It's all subject to different...
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    Get Off Your High Horse...

    I agree. Good post.
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    Get Off Your High Horse...

    You know the thing about chaos? It's fair.
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    Whats this flourish?

    You're a devilishly cheeky fiend, aren't you? I like that.
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    Forum Suggestion

    I suppose so. Anyway guys, back on topic, pip pip.
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    Forum Suggestion

    Not quite sure I understand any part of that paragraph other than the first sentence.
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    Forum Suggestion

    Yes but I really couldn't care less about T11 to be honest. And you were? They really need to say so on your profile.
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    Forum Suggestion

    Really bullanus. Also, why not?
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    Forum Suggestion

    Bullanus. Or at least, you used to.
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