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  1. Sendmindsacrosseons

    A question for anyone who runs Pitch & Ditch in their set.

    A question for anyone who runs Pitch & Ditch in their set, Or has preformed it at some point. How do you get your shirt out of the way of your pocket? I learned Pitch & Ditch from Gregory Wilson through his at the table lecture, and he never went over it. The way I see it, there's two options...
  2. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Visible breaks.

    Yesterday I began my journey on learning the classic pass, and because the pass requires a break, I figured it was finally time to ask. Generally when holding a break, you tend to get that line down the center of the deck where the packets don't line up perfectly. I've heard tons of magicans...
  3. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Mechanic Bottom Deal troubleshooting

    This actually helped me a lot! I knew there was too much contact going on, but I didn't think to move my fingers to the side. I've actually been able to bang out about 6 Bottoms this morning and can now move into learning Seconds and Greeks so I can practice them all together. Again, thank you...
  4. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Mechanic Bottom Deal troubleshooting

    I'm learning the Bottom Deal from Daniel Madison's Mechanic dvd. You have to keep in mind I've never learned a false deal or how to deal cards in the first place. When my ring and pinky fingers come over and straighten back out to pull the card out from under the deck, they just slide off...
  5. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Card Controls.

    See I figured I was being an idiot, thanks for the help!
  6. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Card Controls.

    I'm working on a trick that calls for controlling the selection to the top of the deck. I have two books on card magic, Expert Card Technique and Expert At The Card Table, and maybe I'm blind, but I didn't see any moves for controlling a card to the top of the deck. What moves do you guys use...
  7. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Made up slogans

    On/Off by Nicholas Lawrence. "...You're probably fine". Also I love these games so far! This was a good idea.
  8. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Overproof vs Fake a Slide

    Going to have to agree with ChristopherT, I would think faking a slide is something for trying to fool other magicians... But other than that, I fully agree on the not running when you're not being chased phrase. If there's one thing I learned from Eric Leclerc, and made sure to hammer it into...
  9. Sendmindsacrosseons

    How to make a magician mad in 4 words.

    Watch my pass bro.
  10. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Weirdest/funniest questions you've been asked while performing?

    I was showing my friend the Svengali deck trick where all the cards become the seven of spades, and then back to normal. He was astounded, then lost in thought and finally asked THAT question. "Can I look at the deck?" I responded as such. "shutup." We both got a good laugh out of that and...
  11. Sendmindsacrosseons

    What deck do you like to perform with? Why?

    I'm one of those magicians where I go through what I have and try to pocket a deck that matches my outfit before I walk out the door. I'm prone to just rolling with a Bike however if I plan on practicing, say in the dentists office waiting for my appointment.♤
  12. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Ring magic

    Ring magic is my absolute favorite kind of magic, and I've been recently seeking out as many effects as I can find, however it seems like there's not a lot of published effects out there. The only effects I'm familiar with are Divorce by Justin Miller. Lightspeed by Justin Miller. Bandwidth by...
  13. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Black Lions Seconds

    I've actually wondered and reaserched this thoroughly, and from what I can tell, the "defect" is on one of the kings, the boarder is larger on one side, but it's hardly noticeable according to reviewers. Suposibly David did this on purpose, but then ended up deciding he didn't like the way it...
  14. Sendmindsacrosseons

    What should I say?

    I'd watch Chris Ramsays video on the matter: "getting caught doing a magic trick!! (How to deal with laypeople)". He covers what he personally says and more like "what do I say when people ask how I did that" and "what to do when people tell me to show their friend". I hope this helps.♤
  15. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Simple question; "Red or blue?".

    I was also thinking that, hence why my main plan was one card, in one shoe, and just hope majority vote is the right color guess.♤
  16. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Simple question; "Red or blue?".

    I didn't think about that actually... See, this is why I need input from other magicians, I tend to miss the simple things haha. But I do think the question is still important, as again I didn't find anything about this, so hopefully it helps someone. Thank you for the response!♤
  17. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Simple question; "Red or blue?".

    This is a stupid question, but I'm really curious and wanted to throw it out there and get a discussion going. I couldn't find anything about this on the internet, so logic dictates "ask the magic community!". I'm going to the gym with a friend in a few hours, and planned on performing Angle z...
  18. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Angle Z handling question.

    I should really watch the dvd again before making a thread, and I most likely will after, but I was curious what other magicians that preform Angle Z have to say about people telling them to put the corner back on. I haven't preformed Angle Z MUCH, but I have a handful of times, and around 90%...
  19. Sendmindsacrosseons

    "Can I flip the card over?"

    I mean it's not like I've run into anyone specifically trying to heckle me, I just kept having a bad string I people genuinely wanting to know if they can turn it over to check if it's still theirs, or their friends tell them to check, or they do it without asking as soon as I hand them the...
  20. Sendmindsacrosseons

    "Can I flip the card over?"

    I'm actually taking a screenshot of this because I had no idea these we're older tricks, I really enjoy knowing the crediting and so I'll look these up! Thanks for the heads up.♤
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