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  1. emagician

    Please...Have A Purpose.

    Great thoughts, Justin and others. I do have my own opinion on what this means, but my main goal was to stimulate discussion and see what it meant to others in the magic community. Now, for what it means to me... The way I see it, every effect that I perform has a meaning that goes past...
  2. emagician

    Please...Have A Purpose.

    Hey there T11 community, I don't post often and I hope all is well. I will make this short and sweet. I am reminded every time that I see an ill performance on the internet, or even in person (as I did today). Please have a purpose for your magic, and make sure that this purpose resonates...
  3. emagician

    theory11 at Barnes and Noble?

    Dude...why did you have to expose my secret source for White Artisans?!
  4. emagician

    Darkening TTs

    Soy sauce? It sounds funny, but who knows...give it a try.
  5. emagician

    Looking for Ring magic

    I'm surprised that I am the first to mention "Circuit" by Zach Heath, which is right here on Theory11. It will take more hard work and discipline than you might have encountered so far, but that could be said for any effect as long as you are really truly striving for perfection. Hope this...
  6. emagician

    Taking A Break

    As Aristotle said: "The answer is in the balance."
  7. emagician

    Saturday Night Contest - Contraband Card Lotto

    Card 1: 8 of Clubs Card 2: 2 of Diamonds Card 1:Queen of Spades Card 2: Jack of Hearts
  8. emagician

    Show Stopper

    Miser's Dream has never failed me as being the best closer for a birthday party out there. I bring the birthday boy/girl up front and perform the whole routine with them and give them a 'special' silver dollar at the end. Please give this a try and don't make things too complicated for...
  9. emagician

    The Importance of Performance

    Fellow T11 Members, Take a few moments to watch Adrien Brody's performance on Today...bear with me! Notice anything special about what he did? Probably not. This simple trick was probably one of the first that many of us learned. I remember...
  10. emagician

    BLACKOUT by Nefesch

    No hard feelings, but I see that as an opinion, Mr. Brown. I find this effect as a great way to bridge the gap between magicians and mentalists, and the modern world. You are able to take someone else's device and create a genuine miracle. I would think that they would be able to trust their own...
  11. emagician

    Saturday Night Contest - Anything but Magic

    While I don't have this talent currently on video, it is something that I devote about 35 hours a week to. I am currently training 5-6 hours a day and running 125 miles per week. This is a picture of the results from the last 5k that I ran, which was 14:33 (3.1 miles), this equates to about...
  12. emagician

    I NEED a Break! Please Help

    Jon, We have all been in some sort of situation where we have to take a break from something, whether it is magic, sports, etc. What I would recommend is to find a new field of interest and explore that for awhile. The desire to do magic will come back to you when it is supposed to and probably...
  13. emagician

    Having Trouble Unscrewing Vapr Coil

    Hey guys, Shortly after posting this, I found out what the problem was. I was already aware that the coil was reverse-threaded, therefore I was already turning it the correct way. However, the tape that you are supposed to grip was sliding every time that I was trying to twist it. It turns...
  14. emagician

    Having Trouble Unscrewing Vapr Coil

    Hi there, Has anyone else experienced problems unscrewing their Vapr coil in order to charge it? I have been trying everything and looking over the instructional video again and again...nothing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! And yes...I do know that you have to unscrew it the...
  15. emagician

    I know nothing about Mentalism...

    C'mon guys you drove him off! Let's just try to help him out. Steerpike, I wasn't trying to take shots at anybody. I do think the two best ways to learn are by reading and performing as much as possible though. That's all I have to say. I have better things to do than ponder philosophical...
  16. emagician

    I know nothing about Mentalism...

    I believe what the man was looking for are some materials that could at least point him down the right path rather than a deep discussion such as this one. Chad, start by getting Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism. It is a book that magicians should have to refer to whether they regularly perform...
  17. emagician

    Saturday Night Contest - Under Control

    T11/Casey Rudd, Please read this. Whether I post a video or not, I would just like to point out that the person who wins this contest probably already owns Foundations 1 & 2. I would suggest that the prize be Foundations 3 or Foundations 1 & 2 depending on what the winner already has. I am...
  18. emagician

    What do you do with cards that get old?

    I've made some artwork for my walls with a bunch of cards that were not fit for my performances anymore...not only is it a good way to preserve cards that you can no longer use, but every once in awhile it is a good way to mentally relax and get creative too.
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