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    Past 3 days

    Thanks for sharing the story! Maybe next time, I would like to see a video of you performing in your school.
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    Flash Paper Help?
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    Flash Paper Help?

    I found the link!\ Sorry for the double post. Moderators, please delete this post.
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    Clipshift question

    Well, the clip shift is extremely difficult to master. I gave up this move because I could not see myself doing this one.
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    Tough Day...

    I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Your mother and your family will be in my prayer in the difficult times.
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    Oil and Water Routine

    I strongly admire the visual reveal of the Jacks and the Aces. I pretty much agreed with every comments on your youtube video.
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    A Magician's Journal- Nov 22- "Words Of Wisdom"

    Great post! We can never defy the words of our masters. Keep it up with the journal posts and I am looking forward to read some more!
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    Live Performance 6!

    This trick reminds me of Stickman Sam. Honestly, what I am happy about this video is the fact that you get out and perform people. Work on your smoothness and I know that it is a work of progress. I really hope that you can improve in the near time future.
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    Rebirth of the Aspiring Magician and the Changes of Time

    Well, Mat, it's good to see that you are now inspired to get back into magic. About the Wire, it is never going to happen. It does not exist at all. Theory11 website, they feel that they need it just for a change.
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    Consecutive Bottom Deal with full deck

    I am not a gambling expert, but I thought you did fabulous on your first attempt. I admire your overhand shuffle skills, too!
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    Pinky power!

    Do you mean pinky pullout as in trying to count the number of cards from the bottom? Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    Repertoire Building

    I asked a question about last year on how to build a routine. Maybe you should check this out below. How To Build a Routine I hope this helps you out.
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    Halloween Magic 2010 Live

    You did a fabulous job!!!! I would like to see more videos from you!
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    the most application sleight ? clipshift /popover/distrubtion technique/pass?

    I strongly agreed with you. I can't use the Distrubition Technique, so as a result, I gave up because it is a bit of angle sensitive. Blindside462 has some good sleights.
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    the best variation on subway and it is easier than dmb spread control chek it out

    This is known as "The Convincing Control". I am sure that other people may have a hard time reading your post (I understand perfectly). It is best to correct your grammar skills the next time you post.
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    NO NAME Technique - False cut or Control

    Wow, that was a clever idea. I have never seen anyone perform this before!
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    what us the best change shepherd change /goat change / db spin change? clipshift cha

    Everyone has a different preference. To tell you the truth, I don't use any of these changes up above. It is simply not my style.
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    Live Magic Vid

    I strongly agreed with everyone. Your skills are flawless and wonderful in this performance. I really admire your confidence too. However, you need to work on the presentation. Back then, I was used to show them all cool tricks, but over time, I started watching magicians on videos and they...
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    Tell me what you think.

    Hi Donatas, I think it looks fabulous! Clearly invisible from all angles. The one thing I can say is that try not to move your fingers too much as it can arouse suspicious. All in all, I think it can be overcome in time. Great job!
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    The "How did you do that?" line.

    Most of the times, I would look in the eyes, put a little smile and continue to my next effect.
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