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    Carpal Tunnel?

    I agree with Cory. Carpal Tunnel is from excessive use of wrist and finger muscles right? Flourishing is constantly changing which muscles you use depending on the flourish. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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    When do you know you are a professional?

    I consider someone a professional magician when they do shows they are paid to do, on a somewhat regular basis.
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    Rare cards?

    I know studs new or old are terrific and pretty easy to get easier than tallys
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    Tons of exposure

    I found this website when looking for more performances of prophet [Link removed by moderator] I hope the theory 11 artists get them to stop all that exposure
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    The Ten Theories?

    Yeah that's probably what it is
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    Dan and Dave's material

    The same thing happened to me but I just kept trying and a couple months later I was performing some of the tricks. As for the flourishes if there is a part that seems the most difficult just change it a little to suit your style. By the way the easiest tricks for me were heidburgs peak and...
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    Black Tiger Decks

    I heard the same thing about Black Tigers and that it would be better just to buy Vipers
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    One Among Eleven : Image Submissions

    Yeah what was danny's prize?]
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    Daniel Madison's Change refilmed

    at the very end you can here a little snap and it leeds me to think that it is blink
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    Stud Playing Cards

    I haven't heard of these till now next time im near walgreens ill have to grab a couple
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    Walking up to random people on the street

    I usually start with a really easy trick where I split a dime into two nickles. My starting line is always "Do you think its possible to break a dime in half" then i let them inspect it and everything or even use one of thier dimes.
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    Help: I have a chunky LePaul spread!

    The same exact thing happens to me and I can't seem to find an answer. I also have a chunky result with a pressure fan so I just assumed It's the decks I use.
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    The Queens on the Trilogy

    I use a variation where once you have the bottom card you quickly slide it on top with your left hand. At the same time you slide down your right hand. I think it looks better than the slap
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    Best Tricks from the Trilogy

    My favorites are subway and queens they're just so visual and practical
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    The Queens on the Trilogy vol. 1

    Whoa that sounds difficult. Could you post a vid of that. I'd like to see what it looks like
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    Subway from the Trilogy

    thanks for taking the time to watch my vid. On my next video I'll be sure to have everything perfect.
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    Subway from the Trilogy

    Oh those hideous things were some weird brand "yellow jacket magic" I got them in a kit for Christmas.
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    Subway from the Trilogy

    I'll be sure to do that next time, but what he says is always the first thing that comes to my head.
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    Subway from the Trilogy

    This is my video of Subway from the Trilogy. Please tell me what you think.
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    Tivo 2.0 and Jones Change

    I think both were good. On Tivo 2.0 you kind of jerked the deck up when you did it so it didn't look as natural. The double lift looked kind of funny too. The Jones change was great. I can't do it near that well. The only thing was your camera wasn't centered and it was kind of hard to see...
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