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  1. rich23

    Tom and Jerry

    if i remember correctly Sylvester has a promo video on his website you can see some of the crazy stuff he does.
  2. rich23

    New coin vanish/production

    yes it has been published before, you can can find it in lewis gansons tribute to nate leipzig book as the slow motion coin vanish.and in john cornelius book award winning magic
  3. rich23

    Totally Out of Control

    send me a pm and i will give you the price.
  4. rich23

    Totally Out of Control

    I have two copys and i am planning on selling one.
  5. rich23

    SNC's are not fair

    And keep in mind for something like tonight there are only a certain number of possibility's to choose from so to go lets say 24hr. or longer just does not make sense.
  6. rich23

    SNC's are not fair

    There are some contest that have a 24hr. window, but for something like tonight's contest not matter what time you put it it will make it very difficult for someone else, all i can say is just be thankful that theory 11 has these contest and when they do have one were there is 24hr. window...
  7. rich23

    Saturday Night Contest - Playing with Players

    card 1: 9 hearts card 2: 7 clubs card 1: 3 diamonds card 2: k spades
  8. rich23

    David Blaine's new stunt titled "Electrified"

    Here is the link to the live stream for david's stunt.
  9. rich23

    Desperate Acts of Magic

    I do no care who is in the movie or not in it. it actually seemed like a very good movie i would definitely spend the hour and half or two hours to watch it. i was very impressed in the trailer. weather if makes it on the big screen or not im going to support it.
  10. rich23

    Reputable And Trustworthy Magic Dealers

    For me its L&L publishing I have been doing business with them since the mid 90's and i have never had a problem. Also the magic apple is another great place.
  11. rich23

    Any PC Wizards Around Here?

    Craig What web browser are you using??
  12. rich23

    Saturday Night Contest - Twist of Fate

    9c 7s jh Ac
  13. rich23

    Resources for Rope Magic

    Tabary rope magic DVDs are a good place to start also Daryl has some DVDs out, you can not go wrong with either one.
  14. rich23

    Is It Worth Joining The Magic Castle?

    It depends of how often you are visiting California, if you are visiting 1 or 2 times a year then i would say no save your money but if you will be down here on regular basis then yes go for it. and keep in mind since you are out of state your dues will be much cheaper.
  15. rich23

    Possible new release feadback please!

    As far as the rubber band trick if it is what i think it is then yes it has been done and you can find it on Dan Harlan's rubber band DVD vol.3
  16. rich23

    Relying too much on cards?

    I would highly recommend harry Lorrayne apocalypse's books there is stuff with coins,cards,rubberbands,cups and balls, matches,ropes,mentalism, you name its in there and so much more.
  17. rich23

    Miracle Magic HD vol 3 very nice

    Why is this in coin magic?
  18. rich23

    Theory11 Magic Tricks tab

    on mine it is showing twitch as 4.95
  19. rich23

    Demo Reel from a stage show - critique / enjoy

    I really was not sure what i was watching was it a magic act?,mentalism?, or a lecture for something else?
  20. rich23

    Saturday Night Contest - Fact or Fiction (Dimitri)

    1 true 2 true 3 true 4 false 5 false 6 true 7 false 8 false 9 true 10 true 11 false
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