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    This guy is the Black Ghost Joker

    Is the picture copyrighted or something? And your font color is frekin hard to read.
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    Saturday Night Contest - {dg} We Need to Talk

    From the effects have you have released it is apparent that you do not limit yourself to one genre of magic (e.g. cards). What, if any, is your favorite type of magic and why?
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    Saturday Night Contest - {dg} We Need to Talk

    1. How supportive were your parents when you first started to get serious about magic? 2. How did you become friends with Wayne Houchin?
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    Hilarious Performance Story (Crude Language)

    That's awesome. You should post some pics.
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    Copies for free?

    No it's not random. Usually the people who are asked to review the effect are in a position where their opinion matters more.
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    The.Wire on T11

    What the poop?? haha. Sounds like something Spongebob would say.
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    The.Wire on T11

    I'll tell you what the wire is. It's a way for forum members to have live conversations with the t11 magicians. Sort of like Justin Miller does.
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    Tllusion Tribute Video

    Thanks a lot Steerpike. Appreciate it. Hope you don't mind if I come to you with more questions later on.
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    Tllusion Tribute Video

    Hey man, can you give me a few tips on video editing? I just started.
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    Starting a Magic Group at the University of Toronto Scarborough

    then what's the point of posting in this thread?
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    New deck?

    Haha check this dude's posts. He's advertised ellusionist stuff like 4 other times.
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    In Thought

    Your patter didn't really make much sense. The stuff about color was all wrong. It has nothing to do with what we've "been told about our life." Something has color because it absorbs visible light which consists of em radiation with wavelengths ranging from 400-700nm. Whatever is not absorbed...
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    One New and Possibly Final Message

    90% of those questions are useless.
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    A New Message

    Agreed. [too short]
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    It's frekin Jay Sankey.
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    Chair Vanish (with twist)

    This isn't a camera trick but I doubt it could be done for an audience.
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    Just saw your vid. Not sure how old it is but, I think people are overreacting. Your performance is fine. You're young. Plenty of time to improve and develop your own style. Just remember to not be ignorant and take in constructive critism. Don't become like that one guy whose name I won't...
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    Where can we see the ones you don't have up? Little hard to judge performance skills based on one video.
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