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  1. cardistry26370

    Best Visual Decks for Cardistry

    wynns noc's studs absolut vodka smoke and mirror v3
  2. cardistry26370

    prediction effect

    i mainly pratice cardistry but still practice magic and i will post a performance pretty soon
  3. cardistry26370

    prediction effect

    basically its a fair prediction where the deck can be shuffled before the effect as it is self working they take four random cards and pick one and it matches with the prediction i also have a blank deck variation a broken deck variation and a lot of ideas using the concept
  4. cardistry26370

    Genesis Advice

    he say in v2 if you didnt buy v1 before going to v2 its like reading philosopher's stone before deathly hallows or something like that
  5. cardistry26370

    prediction effect

    no i just want to share it but also get over the $50 mark
  6. cardistry26370

    prediction effect

    hey guys just wondering how many of you would be interested in a prediction effect instant reset perfect for walk around including 3 variations multiple ideas also if you was interested would 4.95 be a fair price
  7. cardistry26370

    $50 poll

    i created a poll as some people may not want to share and this way we get a idea of how effects do
  8. cardistry26370

    colour changes

    and i will only get payed by surpassing the 50 dollar mark
  9. cardistry26370

    colour changes

    ok thank you i will do this as i know some knowlegable magicians shin lim actually referred me to the wire but my only problem is im doing this to save up for a huge project
  10. cardistry26370

    colour changes

    i am planning to submit three colour changes onto the wire the first colour change is the main move as i can be used as a steal control load turnover and many more applications the other two are two unique colour changes one in the hands and the other allows you to show your hands empty but...
  11. cardistry26370

    simple not too smooth and nothing original but enjoy
  12. cardistry26370

    Modern Intracacies

    sorry and yh loving it just looked at le clezio wave lengh
  13. cardistry26370

    Modern Intracacies

    Collective ace: rating:8/10 this is a fantastic version of the collectors routine all i can say toaster: rating:9/10 this routine uses two of the moves taught the grill change and the toast change both amazing changes its a visual discovery of two selections with a amazing kicker magnetik...
  14. cardistry26370

    Submitting permission ...

    you would put in the special thanks area thanks to ...... for giving me permission to use.....
  15. cardistry26370

    Variation Problems

    dropzone by dan and dave is a variation sybil it still got published so i can be published but if your worried about it create a original opener instead
  16. cardistry26370

    Error 404 Thoughts?
  17. cardistry26370

    using material

    If a creator is uncontactable or maybe dead can you teach there sleight even if it may no be known mainstream
  18. cardistry26370

    False Count Name?

    you hold it in biddle grip and deal both cards come to i will show you
  19. cardistry26370

    favorite aerial move?

    erdnase go round by dan and dave
  20. cardistry26370

    False Count Name?

    Does anyone know the name of the count were you take the top and bottom card but appear to take just the top?
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