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  1. Simon_Magic

    Anyone else hate the Shapeshifter as a color change?

    I dislike it, but I do it. It's not in my usual set but if I'm just kinda jazzing its good and works well. I've never really had anyone figure it out, but that might be because I perform stuff usually in the slight of hand way rather than 'this is magic' way Simon_Magic
  2. Simon_Magic

    Is this a good idea?

    I miss every now and then with my final trick which is usually a 4 card revelation. I just ask what the card is, control it then colour change it or pocket load it. Honestly the most impressive thing Ive done is go wrong and then pull their card out of my pocket! Simon_Magic
  3. Simon_Magic

    How many dupes?

    As a worker, I don't destroy anything other than balloons for pressure. And even then if I didn't have to I wouldn't and that doesn't get done too often either. I'm quite a forgetful person so I know as long as I have a deck of cards and some spoons, I can do a good 5-7 minute set, if not...
  4. Simon_Magic

    Need advice please

    Off topic I know but Craig any source info on the Hindu cups and balls you mentioned? Thanks! Simon_Magic
  5. Simon_Magic

    Dan Sperry Magic Shop?

    Hi Guys! Just coming back to this, does anyone know if Dan still has just a magic store any more? just leads to his 'normal' person friendly site. Thanks! Simon_Magic
  6. Simon_Magic

    Impromptu Regeneration?

    How can we give opinions on it if you don't want to show us at least a performance of the trick so we can see for ourselves? Don't ask us here, go straight to Blake, show him, then see what he says :-) Simon_Magic
  7. Simon_Magic

    How to create a stage show?

    Craig I really respect you man but have to disagree with the Dunninger point. Most if not all mind readers I've ever seen other than Uri have stated at some point in their show that they are not real. Derren Brown, Dee Christopher, Peter Turner ... the list goes on I'm sure. Might have been the...
  8. Simon_Magic

    Impossible Objects

    Just ... how on earth? Amazing :-) Simon_Magic
  9. Simon_Magic

    Thread using dental floss

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Bad idea! Only use what is recommended. By all means use dental floss for other effects like the razor blade illusion or Saw or anything like that but never use it for that. Simon_Magic
  10. Simon_Magic

    Impossible Objects

    Hi Guys! Ok, so I'm attempting to make my own version of an impossible bottle but instead with a lightbulb. I have gotten origami creations into it so far, but I want something a bit more impressive. I've read up on Impossible Bottles in Paul Harris' book which give tips for a ping pong...
  11. Simon_Magic


    Hi Guys! I've recently got into using invisible thread and unfortunately recently my ITR unravelled itself in performance as I was performing Tom Wright's Oblivion. I was using a Thread Genie as recommended by World Magic Shop. I have no idea what thread to refill my ITR with, whether I...
  12. Simon_Magic

    Impromptu telekenesis/pk fx?

    Metal bending is usually good for impromptu mentalism. Look at Psychokinetic Silverware by Banachek and Gerry, Metal by Dee Christopher, and Liquid Metal by Morgan Strebler Simon_Magic
  13. Simon_Magic

    We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

    Wait a second, so you're telling me I'm paying $150 plus $60 postage (I'm in the UK) for a product that I might not even be able to open if I can't guess the combination. I'm not the best at clues, surely this is a misnomer (if that's the right word) on T11's side. This isn't a puzzle box...
  14. Simon_Magic

    We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

    Andrei, is your comment alluding that there might be something else in the box that we do not know about yet or will unless we buy it? I love surprises but since I've seen what's in the box it is kind of like 'Oh a new deck of cards. Ok'. I know the letter comes with it too, but is there...
  15. Simon_Magic

    We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

    Just from what I've seen and no puzzle guessing, I'm thinking this might be a stage 'object to impossible location'. Everything reminds me of Tommy Wonders watch in nest of boxes, all except this looks a hell of a lot prettier. Honestly I'm not really that bothered what is inside if I'm wrong...
  16. Simon_Magic

    Impossible Bottle

    I would love to make one myself just for my own challenge but wouldn't even know where to start, to me it is an impossible object, and is something incredible. I've heard that there is a method for it in Paul Harris' work but I could be completely wrong. Simon_Magic
  17. Simon_Magic

    Zombira: Self-Contained Floating Ball

    Thanks Craig and Bizzaro! :-D Simon_Magic
  18. Simon_Magic

    Zombira: Self-Contained Floating Ball

    Where can I buy it? :-) Simon_Magic
  19. Simon_Magic

    Zombira: Self-Contained Floating Ball

    Would this work as a performance piece for a quite skinny young woman that would want to do this with choreography for cabaret and burlesque shows and is it self contained? If so where can I buy it as i know someone who would want it! Simon_Magic
  20. Simon_Magic

    Banacheck PSI Series

    My personal preference despite everything Steve has achieved is to go for Docc Hilford stuff instead. Even though Psi Series and the books are incredible, I don't know, something about Docc just makes me smile whereas I don't get that when learning from Banachek. Simon_Magic
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