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    Magic Shops in South London?

    I'll be going to London at xmas so I was just wondering if you guys know any magic shops in South London, like near covent gardens. Shops other than davenports, thanks guys :D
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    How Do You Come Up With Names For Effects?

    Hi guys, I like coming up with cool effects, but the only thing I can't come up with is a cool name to go with it. Such as if its a popping trick I can only think of pop or jump. I get tired of sitting there for ages trying to think of a name, I mean Zach Mueller is clearly a genius with...
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    T11 Please Help Delete This Video on YT!

    a boy on youtube called CardTrickMaster17 has uploaded the official tutorial of Rapture. Somebody please get him to delete it! :(
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    How Does The Archive Work? How do I do Stuff???

    Hi guys, I have some questions that I really need answering, so please help me out . . . 1. Where on t11 is the Archive? 2. How do I make an account? 3. How do I earn points? 4. When we get the decks etc. that we've bought, do we pay shipping costs? Please help :D
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    Best Decks For Flourishing?

    Hi, I have began flourishing and I would really like some decks that handle better than normal bikes. So please help, thanks :)
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    Dan & Dave Products Are They Downloads?

    So yeah, are the tricks downloads?
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    Cardistry Projects :: How can I make them better?

    Hey there I've been coming up with some ideas for some cardistry videos, so I guess you could say I have a few projects going on I'd really like to know how to make a popular cardistry video, just some ideas, advice, key points and opinions on what you think makes an enjoyable cardistry video...
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    Smoke & Mirrors Anybody?

    I was just wondering if anybody has some smoke and mirror decks, I'd possibly be able to trade or buy them, depending on how much you want for them, I'm not necessarily looking for the first editions, just v4s and up.. So please send me a private message So thanks ;)
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    Best Editing Software?

    Hi, I'd really like a good editing software, I really want sony vegas pro 11 but its too expensive (£250). I'll use it for my YouTube videos, projects and trailers for the wire, So if you could recommend any it'll be greatly appreciated. Just so you know I don't mean anything like Windows...
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    When is the Release of the V7's? Do you know?

    Hi there, Today I've been thinking of somethings of which I might like to get for xmas (I know its like 4 months away, but I think its good to get ideas). I'd like sony vegas pro 11, some decks, but especially some v7's. All I would like to know is when are they being sold, where and how...
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    Whats Your Favourite Deck? Which Should I get?

    Hey there, Today I was watching a video on youtube about somebody's top decks to have. I'd quite like to buy a new deck of cards, but I don't know which to get. So I thought what better place to ask than the theory11 forums where there's many, magicians, cardists, reviewers and deck...
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    Cardistry, Flourishing. Whats the Difference?

    Hey, I'm back from my holiday, and I performed some magic, which was fun. Especially when I got great reactions, I showed somebody a trick, the end result was them having their card in their hand. He freaked out, lol. Any way as you can see by the title, I've out " Cardistry...
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    Best Street Magic for Beginners?

    Hi, I'll be going on holiday in a few days, and I'm planning on doing some street magic. I'll be doing . . . The invisible deck routine Card to shoe Forces Predictions A different variation of sealed with a kiss Coin tricks The iPhone prediction trick Redline Rubber band tricks...
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    125 Year Anniversary Deck Is It Made By T11?

    Hi, TMI here, and today I was watching a video, a deck collection to be exact, and the girl has 3 of 125 year anniversary decks. She said they are Theory11 decks, although they have no logo on the bottom. So what I'm saying is, are they T11 decks or not? Thanks and see ya' soon, TMI ;)
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    How Do I Make A Poll?

    Hi, TMI here and I'd like to make a poll so people can vote. Although I don't know how, if you do could you please help me out and leave a response. Thanks, TMI :cool:
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    Do You Like It?

    Hey, TMI here and today I uploaded a video onto YouTube and I'd just like to know what you think of it. I know I flashed at one part, and I didn't create it. Also the links on the screen are to my sponsor's channel, so sorry about that. Enjoy :D
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    What Do You Take With You?

    Hey, TMI here, and today I have a question for all of you. I'm going on holiday next week and I'm just sorting out what I'm taking with me, like decks and that sort of stuff. I was wondering when you go on holiday, what do you take with you? Thanks, TMI :cool:
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    What is a Cool Name for a YouTube Channel? HELP!!!

    No need for help, thanks and apologies
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    A New Beginning on YouTube? What do You Think?

    Hi there, TMI here again, and today I have a problem of which I need your opinions. I have a channel on YouTube called TheMagicianInvisible. I don't particularly like the name, it was meant to be TheMagicianInvinsible. I have also made a reviewing channel named DeckReviewz, but I was thinking...
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    What Does Stock Mean?

    Hi, I often watch deck reviews on YouTube, and hear them say stock. It has a good stock, an aristocrat stock, but I don't know what that means. Could you please tell me what stock means in a simple way, because I'm only a kid so not too larger words please. Thanks so much for the help...
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