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    Theory11 Retailers

    thats true, but it is most likely a matter of infrastructure and company costs. adding a international depart is hardly worth it just to sell people cards at people are buying anyway..... apart from that most other items are available from overseas distributes. when i used to fence, i bought...
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    Theory11 Retailers

    your pissed off because a American company sells mainly to America?
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    Smoke & Mirrors : A Cordial Invitation :: Friday, Aug. 1

    well... if someone asks about the D's you could say ..... " oh those? it just so happens double D's fit my hands perfectly" thank you, thank you very much
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    Smoke & Mirrors : A Cordial Invitation :: Friday, Aug. 1

    i did buy a few decks of these, as i like to collect different cards for splitting and interesting gaffs. but i don;t get the though behind these. to beat a dead horse without the D's the cards are elegent. i don;t think you need to fill the middle space. I just can;t imagine having a...
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    ItNinja v. Randonwrath : Color Change Battle : Voting Open Now

    i liked randomwraths video. it actually had entertainment value. some that comes up short around here
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    Roy Benson Bowl Routine

    im happy to see someone here exploring fine props and routines like the benson bowl. id keep trying the routine and build it up. i perfom lance pierce's benson bowl routine that ends with a signed bill to lemon. there is lots of things you can try. i think what would be perfect is to do a...
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    I Need Help With My Magic Show

    i would do something quick and visual other then flourishes to start. i do 3 different things to open stand up latley. 1. blendo. 2. comedy billard ball routine 3. misers dream i guess D-lites work but i wonder if they will get boring. just for tips my next show consists of comedy billiard...
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    Roadrunner Cull or Cullfather?

    i have both and i found the roadrunner cull to be better in every way. his technique is incredible
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    Old School Magicians?

    i still use a magic wand.... although is clear acrylic heh. i use it from my bowl routine close up and well as the cups and balls of course. i also use it while talking to the audience in stand up shows. following the advice of McBride it helps as a way to "reach out" into the audience. you...
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    Old School Magicians?

    the old school "crap" as you call it, such as presentation and comedy, has gotten me paid to do magic as well has countless other. in fact if i can keep up momentum, and introduce more self marketing in a few years ill be able to quit my day job. yep such crap. i understand as a hobby this...
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    Creators - Teachers Wanted!

    its not hard for a magician to find work. ever heard of me? me either ;) yet it get gig's frequently and im lazy with the effort. the problem is everyone the past few years wants to be a professional "magic teacher" or "magic seller" and not a magic performer. it feels like a generation...
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    Surfaced by Chad Nelson

    guys, i found that using about 40 cards helps and add one at time its helping alot on keeping it quiet
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    Chris Kenner's The Deep Angles

    to answer the orignal question the Because if the DBC you can really only do this routine extremely close up for 1-3 specs. the concelment is optimal with people looking right down at your hands. the kaps(malini) sub is good in all but the left side really. because of these conditions, like...
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    Foundation for coin work...

    i don;t think homers dvd's are what id call good foundation at all. i usually recommend kaufmans COINMAGIC its basically a more modern bobo's in that there is a lot of stuff from many artist and many plots. a good half of the book is from david roth. and lots of nice stuff from latta...
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    Chris Kenner's The Deep Angles

    actually, the deep is a lot more different in the book. the first 2 phases where changed for coinone. most likely because it resembles coin one more closely in the book
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    Fan Control By Joel Paschall

    is this not the Paul lepaul automatic jog control?
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    Aviator Playing Card Review

    i know alot of the local magi's here love aviators for manipulation
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    I Need Help Please!

    remember if your going to go full time pro, theres alot more to it then the "art". it then becomes the buisness of magic. promotion, advertising, marketing yourself. getting steady shows and on and on. you might want to think about how your going to do those things and start appling them...
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    Believe :: Full Preview

    interesting effect. the video edits tell exactly how its done though.
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    Silent Treatment by Jon Allen

    theres no real force they can pick any card on the sheet
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