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    I'm not very good at it either, but try positioning your pinky and thumb closer to the corners of the cards and starting with your hands a little closer. Hope it helps :)
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    What videos do you want from a cardistry channel? (submit any ideas here)

    A video on creating moves or making a cardistry video would be very interesting. Personally, I really like your compilations too.
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    New Layout??

    Just came back and I absolutely Love the new Bookmark feature!
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    Can you spot the magic Trick?

    I believe the first one is fake. For the second GIF (btw, is pronounced Gif with the hard G ;)) there's a pretty well known method and for the third one... oxidation I guess? We need a mushroom expert for that.
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    The Card Magic of Ed Marlo

    Thanks for the quick response!
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    The Card Magic of Ed Marlo

    Hello everyone! I've just seen a video on a trick from the book "The Card Magic of Edward Marlo" and I'm interested in buying it. Before searching for somewhere to buy the book, I went on , in order to see if it shared too many things with Revolutionary Card Technique...
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    WIP custom made magic-theme playing cards

    Wow! These renderings look amazing! You did a great job with the design on the front of the tuck, now it feels much nicer and open. Regarding the color of the tuck I’m leaning a bit more towards the black one. While the white tuck makes the design stand out more, the black one feels more low-key...
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    Sleights that elude you.

    I'm a bit late, but I'd say the Duck Change (every time I try it the two cards go in completely different directions, often without even turning upside-down) and the pinky count, but not because I don't understand the mechanics, in fact I have a pretty good one, but because for some weird reason...
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    WIP custom made magic-theme playing cards

    Oh, now I understand more the feeling you want to transmit with these cards and I really like it!
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    WIP custom made magic-theme playing cards

    I agree with Bricard, it's a very tough choice. Of all the back designs my favorite is probably the blue modern one. I really like how you managed to integrate the orange accents and the different elements like the bird cage. On the other hand, the traditional card back suits more the faces. I...
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    Then I'd suggest Darkslide (Gimmick by Chris Ramsay), VCM (DVD by Eric Chien), Bend by Manny Lindenfeld (A download here at TXI), Edge by Mathieu Bich (TXI), Level One (A Vanishing Inc's classic), Silhouette by Tobias Dostal (a quite expensive one, but totally worth it), AIR by Alain Simonov and...
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    I'd suggest checking out the Art of Astonishment books by Paul Harris and the work of Dan and Dave
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    My 2020 Tinkerings

    Amazing performances Matt! As David said, I'll have a headache for the rest of the day!:)
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    Is Ellusionist gone?

    That video made me cringe SO hard...
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    Double Agent

    Hi there! I’m an intermediate level in card magic and I’m really interested in Double Agent by Blaise Serra. My only doubt is about its difficulty. Now, I’m not sure if this kind of question is allowed on the forums, but can anyone tell me to what technique/s can Double Agent be compared to? Do...
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    David Blaine's next stunt

    1-Doing a TnR routine with the entire deck at once with his feet 2- He will try to perform the 21 card trick on the FISM without being stopped and shot with tomatoes and eggs.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Captured in Landscape!

    Oh, I’ve never seen that part of the tuck box before
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    Saturday Night Contest - Captured in Landscape!

    What playing cards are these? I can’t recognise them
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    Contradicting effects.

    What disappoints me with talent shows (except for Penn and Teller Fool Us) is that most of magic tricks you see are just predictions stacked on top of each other, like in this case.
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