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  1. Elite Prestidigitation

    How I introduce Sentinels (the only deck I now use)

    I am an adult miss.... wrong....The cards do not last three months....That is where the path to the fail conclusion starts.... The cards last as much as you want them to last....The reason you think they last longer is because you payed 6$ usd for them... like anything else you will handle...
  2. Elite Prestidigitation

    Value of rare decks?

    ^We are talking about cards try to keep up... 1)I have a lot of sentimental value for this 1 dollar bill....Maybe I can sell it for 100$ it worth it? not really..... invalid- Sentimental value does not increase the value of the cards... it ads to sentimental value not...
  3. Elite Prestidigitation

    How I introduce Sentinels (the only deck I now use)

    I don't have a problem with "clever" people who overpay money at all.... I just found it ridiculous that is all.. And who am I? I am an Elite Prestidigitator... Not Just that...I am essentially an Elite in Life.... The product of a superior education...I am a Role Model's Role Model I am what...
  4. Elite Prestidigitation

    Chris Mayhew's playing cards

    The only custom deck of cards I can recommend...If a guy working for theory 11 a company who produces their own deck of cards is using them then you know they are good....
  5. Elite Prestidigitation

    Value of rare decks?

    You have trouble accepting my flawless logic??? do explain so I can dance logical lines around your rebuttals.... Unless you can provide evidence that they are worth more than 50$ usd and they are not just 52 pieces of cardboard..... my word is absolute and must be accepted by all.....
  6. Elite Prestidigitation

    How I introduce Sentinels (the only deck I now use)

    lol seriously??? "the only deck u now use?" you have got to be kidding me....Anyways.... enjoy paying your 8+ dollars per deck to look "kewl".... Is also comical how in your "essay" you fail to point out the negative aspects of "special" cards.... I rather take credit than the deck...Now let us...
  7. Elite Prestidigitation

    Another Illegal DVD Rip Website Question/Concern

    Great Job White knight....good luck on your never ending quest....
  8. Elite Prestidigitation

    Favorite mentalism trick?

    Communicating with a man who is yet to be born...his name is Raymond Hill
  9. Elite Prestidigitation

    Value of rare decks?

    All of those are worth 4$ usd to me.....just 52 pieces of cardboard...but i'm sure some humans are foolish enough to pay ridiculous amounts of money for them....
  10. Elite Prestidigitation

    Welcome to Esecutori

    1st!!!!!!! thnx for sharing...I cant provide input on the site tho...I am displeased by having to register.
  11. Elite Prestidigitation

    Your Biggest Failure...

    *shakes head in disapproval * .....
  12. Elite Prestidigitation

    Good Card Trick DVD's

    Generation Extreme by Brian Tudor is one of my favorite DVD's....."The Heckler" DVD gets an honorable mention
  13. Elite Prestidigitation

    Your Biggest Failure...

    The only fail there is that you handed your cards to a spectator in the middle of a trick....Anyways...What you should do is say "no" and continue...If u want to avoid that from happening just do a trick that does not use controls or breaks...and let them shuffle as much as they want.. from then...
  14. Elite Prestidigitation

    Casey Rudd (Please Answer)

    Reading comprehension fail?.............. He wanted to know what an Interactive is and does in T11....just what the owner guy answered. l2r plz
  15. Elite Prestidigitation

    Casey Rudd (Please Answer)

    lol fail He asked what is an "Interactive" not the definition of the word...pretty weak attempt at one upping someone.... Oh so thats the real answer...thanks for answering.
  16. Elite Prestidigitation

    Card Tricks Are BORING!

    Yes that is exactly what card tricks are.... and football is just fat men running from one point to the other with a egg...Basketball is just large men jumping and trying to shot a ball into a basket... Wrestling is just men with their underwear rolling around and hugging each other...
  17. Elite Prestidigitation

    Bikes Meet Sentinels: Sentikes

    There is semantics You are wrong....The suspicion is on the audience....You have no control over what the audience thinks regarding if its a gimmick deck or not...Actually the only thing u can do is use a regular deck of cards... You fail to realize that gimmicked decks are...
  18. Elite Prestidigitation

    Piracy explanation

    Really?.....what else are you going to perform...your own original material? get can do whatever you not like they will send the polize after you....
  19. Elite Prestidigitation

    Getting Old!

    Thank God I never have to ruin my perfect hands by doing manual labor....actually thank my parents and my superior education. Congratz tho...
  20. Elite Prestidigitation

    Bikes Meet Sentinels: Sentikes

    There is no need for more overprised decks....What you "feel" is a better deck is just a set of 52 pieces of cardboard....If you were blinded you couldnt tell the difference between sentinels and a regular deck of cards....I could but you can do the same with both decks....They also do not last...
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