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  1. Alexh

    Selling magic to pay for school.

    It's been some time since this thread was originally opened. I never really related to it, and I'm surprised that I never noticed earlier. I myself am selling magic to pay for my schooling. Some of you may recognize me as the owner of ExoMagic. I'm doing my best to maintain a name in magic and...
  2. Alexh

    t11.bulletin - New Site Launched + New Products

    Hello Bayme, Wanted to provide some of my own personal insight on the new relaunch. Professionally, the website is stunning. The design is elegant, clean, sleek, cutting-edge, and everything a designer looks for. However my personal opinion is this design simply doesn't fit Theory11. The...
  3. Alexh

    DG Projects 4, 5, and 6 information for you

    To my knowledge they have a large distribution arriving shortly to the wholesaler "Murphey's Magic Supplies". The information is public, and many stores (including myself) will be stocking shortly and are accepting pre-orders...
  4. Alexh

    Need to find a host

    Some good hosts to choose from: All are reputable affordable places. Your probably looking at 3-5$ a month for basic packages with full-features.
  5. Alexh

    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    If anyone wants to discuss this meet up in TinyChat. Pass = daivernon It's been solved, timer has been counted down to 0... This page is made of DIAMONDS =D
  6. Alexh

    EMC on PS3?

    Correction, Make sure your PS3 has Flash support. If your PS3 has Flash support then your all good. EMC is not free, however on Monday I believe they will be doing a preview for all the members that are already registered (I could be wrong on that, but I think its for all registered members)...
  7. Alexh

    Crazy Man's Handcuffs

    He taught me mine! Haha, when raverhart showed me at this restaurant in Ohio. Rubberband magic is fun with kids. The Crazy Man Hand Cuffs is pretty easy to learn. Cheers,
  8. Alexh


    They're a good website to buy bulk playing cards from. I use them regularly. Shipping prices are not horrible, but they are a tad pricey compared to the competitors. Their international shipping I think is very expensive. I believe the only ship UPS.
  9. Alexh

    Website - Views and Reviews

    Hey there, I currently run a large magic website myself. What the others have said are spot on. I wanted to give you a quick blurb of advice on the "lack of" being searchable in search engines (also known as SEO aka search engine optimization). If you want to maintain an all-flash site, get...
  10. Alexh

    Magician Chat

    The new TinyChat password is "daivernon". You guys can share this with your friends and post around. The issues we have been having has been caused by the TinyChat community, not the magic community. If you know anyone that uses the Video Chat room please let them know. I apologize for any...
  11. Alexh

    Industry with no copyright protection? Lessons from fashion's free culture.

    Thought i'd add some interesting sources and links to Magic Copyright as well.
  12. Alexh

    Irving Quant - One Hour Live Lecture

    Irving Quant will lecture TONIGHT, FREE, at at 6:00PM central time The date is Sunday, June 6th. See you all there!
  13. Alexh

    ExoMagic Site

    Hello b_08, Thank you for the positive review, always brings a smile to my face when I see happy customers. J+S, thank you for your order! For future orders, you guys can use a coupon code "EVOLVE" and save 5% off your entire order. Take it easy guys,
  14. Alexh

    Irving Quant - One Hour Live Lecture

    Haha, Stretched a little longer then an hour, more like 3 hours! Big thanks goes to Irving for doing this. It was a blast. Thanks also to everyone who participated :)
  15. Alexh

    Irving Quant - One Hour Live Lecture

    Hey guys, Our friend Irving Quant has graciously volunteered to do a 1 hour live in-depth video lecture for FREE. This will be taking place at 9:00 pm CST TONIGHT. Irving will also be giving away a new deck of S&M v4 playing cards (donated by exomagic). What do you have to do? show up...
  16. Alexh

    Need help on your Pass?

    I got a couple of these Pass trainer decks in a few weeks ago. Customer ordered one, and I decided to toy with an extra I picked up. Seems like a very solid way to learn a pass. Though I already had my pass down pretty well before I handled these, it would have been really nice to have a set...
  17. Alexh

    iPad Support?

    Ipad utilizes a modified operating system of the iphone. If I am not mistaken, the operating system has a limitation of not being able to support Flash 10. Big issue, since Flash is what powers the majority of the online media videos. JB, good luck with this, its a large task ;)
  18. Alexh

    Passing The Torch

    Tons of my friends ask me to private session with them to learn how to handle cards, etc... But after talking to them about magic for a while (in depth) it comes down to one thing, they just want to impress their friends. I have refused to teach many of my friends magic for this simple reason...
  19. Alexh

    The Magic Castle

    I don't know much about the membership, but I believe you need to apply. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  20. Alexh

    Help With Credits

    Hey guys, For anyone looking to do professional research (if your planning on releasing a book, PDF, DVD, etc..) or just want to know your material, I highly recommend contacting Conjuring Arts and getting yourself a subscription to their Ask Alexander database. You can check the levels...
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