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  1. Nino

    Wow I Can't Believe This

    Wow I haven't checked T11 for awhile and its still the same....nothing but agruments. I see Casey is a moderator and congrats Casey! I see Christmas as a time of being with your family and the people you love. I planning to spend this Christmas in Mexico with my family and next year here before...
  2. Nino

    13 Steps To Mentalism: Great Minds Think Alike

    That pretty awesome! When I first read the method of the trick I was mad because I had to find some type of special paper. I guess I can try any type of paper to see if it shines or not.
  3. Nino

    A Magician's Journal: August 21 - "Imagina 2010" Part 2

    Your soo lucky Luis!!! Sorry it took me a week to read your journal. Great story can't wait till your next journal entry
  4. Nino

    Making mentalism meaningful

    I have been reading 13 steps not that long but I agree with Prae. You have to make a effect deep....take a center tear. One thing I was thinking is to make the effect more deep. I'll ask them to think of a word but not any word. They have to think of a word that has meaning to them. So when you...
  5. Nino

    Sentinels Review, Part 1

    SG maybe you got a defect deck or fan pretty good maybe you should summit a ticket.
  6. Nino

    My Order?

    Well order is really good.....just cards you can't go wrong with that....I suggest you take a look at W:H Thread. It looks really good and it has a extra effect on it. Gypsy thread is really good and you can blow minds with that effect alone.
  7. Nino

    My Order?

    Hey dpmagic4, I agree with Genesis is mostly for beginners and you aren't going to learn a lot from it...I look at your signature and its seems your working on D&D flourishes so I assume your more of a intermadiate flourisher so I don't think Genesis will help you that much. I do recommend...
  8. Nino

    Draven Reviews: Theory11 Customer Service

    Also anyone with sentinels....did any get a deck that has uneven border? I got and its kinda annoying me right now.
  9. Nino

    40 $

    Okay then now we have a idea what you perform I second Haunter about learning 2CM it works great on the streets. Another trick that works well is Blueprint by Chris Kenner. You can buy here under the tricks section. Really great trick and gets wonderful reactions. I really reccommend...
  10. Nino

    A Magician Journal - "Curse or Blessing in Disguise?"

    Wonderful story Luis!!! I think that people get more of a reaction when you perform magic with ordinary even get bigger reaction if the things are borrowed. I hate the fact that everytime I want to perform I always need a deck of cards with me. Now I can carry a few pieces of...
  11. Nino

    Problem with springing the cards

    One tip I can give you. PRATICE!!!!!! Hopefully someone can give you more tips.
  12. Nino

    40 $

    Christopher is right. If your english isn't that good then you are going to have a hard time understanding Erdnase. You should think about getting the Paper Engine. I heard good things about that book and I'm saving money to buy it along with some tally ho's. Since your English isn't that good...
  13. Nino

    "Be Prepared" Strolling Gig Review (Luis Vega Style)

    Thanks for the reading reverhart. Wonderful story!!! You and Luis are pushing to start writing my journals...just about my performances I had recently cause I haven't managed to get a gig yet.
  14. Nino

    The "Bug" thread

    Another bug that I'm having is that I can't reply using a quote. Latley I have been quick reply to every thread and when I want to a reply with a quote it doesn't let me. Its say its loading and error on page. I don't if thats me or not...
  15. Nino

    Layperson guesses

    When I started magic my brother-in-law always found how I did a trick....I realize that I wasn't smooth and was very nervous. I was doing bad habits like every magican does at one point. After months and months of praticing I final got rid of that and my nerves. I perform now and my...
  16. Nino

    Sentinels Review, Part 1

    I just some Sentinels in my mail today!!!!! They feel amazing and love the design them. One thing that I love is the freaking tuck case!!!! Its soo badass!!! Thank you T11 and I will write review for these beautiful cards in the following days. Also got some Tally-ho's!!! Awesome cards will...
  17. Nino

    A Magician Journal - August 7 "Quality Time"

    Great thread Luis!!! I feel you chose the right is more important then magic. I would do the same thing if I haven't spent time with my family.
  18. Nino

    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    JB I think we got some shed of light and I will say to close this thread and reopen when you have some news for Luke. People who's saying that its a sob story yall need to be quiet. How do any of yall actually know that for a fact? This is thread just needs to be close and reopen when JB gets...
  19. Nino


    Well on the Walmart Visa gift cards you have to paid a $5 dollar activation fee. To the OP I will say buy a gift card from Walmart or Walgreens. You just pay the activation fee and use the gift card like a credit card. Hope this helps and hope that you will get these beautiful cards
  20. Nino

    Paper cuts and Cardistry

    I never got a paper cut before either when I started to flourish. Wonder why?
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