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  1. Tally

    Love and Support

    Thank you guys for your comments. Guess I need to get better by doing some more shorts.
  2. Tally

    Love and Support

    Hey all, I made a video for a competition based on a magic tragedy. Please watch and leave a comment. Give me some love and support. Hope you all like. Anthony
  3. Tally

    This Guy Looks Like JB

    Haha! -Tally
  4. Tally

    t11.bulletin - Happy New Year - The Next Year at theory11

    To start off, my goal is to perform every day in school before the bell sings for class in the morning. Every great entertainer has had so many performances and that's the kind of entertainer I'm going for.
  5. Tally

    Saturday Night Contest - Keep The Change

    Woo hoo! My submission!
  6. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain - Lesson #5

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain Introduction: It has been a great four issues of “Lessons Learned” and now our time must come to an end. “There shall be no more, so for one last time, people make some noise.” Thank you for all your support. Keep the dream alive! Lesson #5: Let me tell...
  7. Tally

    Saturday Night Contest - Let's Talk About Genesis (podcast)

    What is your ultimate goal you want to accomplish in cardistry? What would you say is most rewarding about cardistry? How did you develop your flourishing style?
  8. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain - Lesson #4

    Yeah, if you love magic, then go get it, but if you still love basketball, then there would be something to talk about. But you changed your goals and dreams, so it's cool.
  9. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain - Lesson #4

    Well, let's say you aren't enthusiastic about math now, and somehow interested in it in the future It's much more fun to learn it later and you will learn more because you are enthusiastic about it. Why did you stop reaching for that basketball dream. You could have just picked yourself back...
  10. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain - Lesson #4

    I only wrote this article to bring up something interesting to think about, but am gladly to prove my point as well as accept other point of views. Reverhart: I found it interesting that when I talked with some of my teachers, they agreed on the fact that school is not a necessity for success...
  11. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain - Lesson #4

    I said that they did not finish college, I did not say they never went to college. But there are people like Keith Otto who makes 52 million a year (owns UFC) and he lives an awesome life. I'm saying people do not NEED school. Some people do need school. But it seems to me like a lot of...
  12. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain - Lesson #4

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain Introduction One month of the school year has passed. Eight more months; need to make the best of it. Lesson #4 – You Don’t Need School to Be Successful Let me tell you a story. Ms. Jakhsen asked a student if he had any “academic aspirations.” The...
  13. Tally

    Is Justin Kredible Worth Seeing?

    Well, he's a magician. You can always learn from watching other magicians. Bad or Good.
  14. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legedemain - Lesson #3

    I agree. Nervousness can help. Nervousness never goes away, but you just need to use it to your advantage. True, you never know until you do it. Which is why lots of people regret lots of things. They just are so afraid of the bad things that could happen, then they don't do it, and then they...
  15. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legedemain - Lesson #3

    I understand where you are coming from, but I do disagree. I hate the feeling of thinking I might mess up. That does not give me adrenaline. What gives me adrenaline is the feeling that I could really amaze someone with something I actually practice really hard and worked out everything I could...
  16. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legedemain - Lesson #3

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain – Lesson #3 Introduction It is Labor Day! I hope you enjoyed the last two Legerdemain series. The summer of 2009 has been a wonderful time for my magic. I have enjoyed much practice without the hassle of school. I have also glued my eyes into books like...
  17. Tally

    Saturday Night Contest - LUIS DE MATOS - Roundtable Discussion

    What would you say is the number one thing to know to become a widely renowned magician? What was the toughest obstacle you had to overcome in your magic career? How is performing in Portugal different from America? Anthony Nguyen
  18. Tally

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Homer Liwag

    What is the most important lesson you have learned from David Copperfield and how has that lesson helped you? What is most important to keep in mind when creating magic? Please tell us the story of your hardest time in magic and how you jumped over that hurdle. The story will inspire us...
  19. Tally

    You can't pick-up chicks with magic?

    I've performed with friends who I have seen 3 times the girls ask the magician for his number. Yet I find it odd a girl never asked me. Just proves that I need to be more likable. Have a charm.
  20. Tally

    The new "ANY EFFECT" battle

    I agree with a lot of the things praetoritevong wrote. Here some more to add: Philal Always have a script before performing. You can't go performing without scripts. Without a script you have lots of dead time and you get off track and you say unnessecary things. So it's great that you...
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