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  1. Sinful

    Theory11 Is Great!

    I see what you did there. :cool: -Doug
  2. Sinful

    What t11 Has Become

    I agree. It's not a game. It's your life, and I respect you for it more than would think. Magic has helped me a great deal in life, and Theory 11 has been an invaluable part of my magic experience. I completely agree. But some haven't been on in a while. (By saying not coming on every week...
  3. Sinful

    What t11 Has Become

    JB, in no way did I mean to offend you. I thought by making my post above I was actually defending T11 by saying it has a better community. Instead of taking it as I meant it to be, you chose to dissect it, and criticize it. If you would rather play that game, I'll be happy to do so. I first...
  4. Sinful

    What t11 Has Become

    Thought I'd give my two cents. To call T11 the next E is both a true and false statement. First off I'll say how they are similar. They both work hard on their productions and hype the crap out of them. While for a long time I hated the fact that they did this, I would have never found magic...
  5. Sinful

    A Public Apology to all of WTF No Limits Customers

    God bless. By the way Justin, I couldn't find you on Skype. Could you add me? Or PM me a phone number to contact you at? Thanks. -Doug This is a public apology from Justin. There is no need to harass him. Please - NO senseless bashing.
  6. Sinful

    The Pandora System by Shane Black

    It is true. Shane didn't make this material to release it. I remember when Shane performed some of the effects he's released to me on webcam over a year ago just to show me routines he does at work. Shane's material is awesome. -Doug
  7. Sinful

    The Pandora System by Shane Black

    Intro - Thee Pandora System is not just a trick. It is a utility. Included with your package you get your Pandora System DVD along with a funky little gimmick that you won't know what the heck to do with until you start watching the DVD. Production Quality - As I say with most of my...
  8. Sinful

    WTF? What happend to WTF?

    Hey everyone. I know Rev closed this thread because he was confused as to what was going on. I believe I know some of the details as to what went on, but I choose not to say them as 1. It is a private matter. 2. I choose not to acknowledge rumors as fact. And in the magic community, there...
  9. Sinful

    WOW, copy much?

    First time I sign on in 3 weeks. This is all I have to say to every single person who posted in this thread SHUT UP That is all. -Doug
  10. Sinful

    Saturday Night Contest - A FREE Trip To Magic-Con 2010

    I should go to Magic-Con because it would be fun. -Doug
  11. Sinful

    Happy birthday JB!

    Don't get too drunk now. (Also remember that marijuana is illegal!) Don't have too much fun or you'll regret it in the morning! -Doug
  12. Sinful

    Joshua Jay Lecture

    You are clever. I have no twin. Also, the best part about that is I became friends with Zach that same night he made that user name. Ok, I'm done. Back on topic. ;) -Doug
  13. Sinful

    Joshua Jay Lecture

    Way to take a joke I did on Danny and then spin it around towards me. I bet you think you're clever, huh? I know you do. You know why? Immediately after writing this you texted me that you wrote in this thread! And I'm not sucking up. Josh probably won't see this thread, and I couldn't care less...
  14. Sinful

    Joshua Jay Lecture

    Met him at D&D's lecture in NYC about a little more than a year ago. Cool guy. Heard of some of his underground stuff. Guy is crazy. -Doug
  15. Sinful

    If anyone is interested.....

    Word to yo motha. I had to. My deepest apologies Sir Raiker IV. -Doug
  16. Sinful

    I just noticed this review and realized I forgot about getting your name and password again...

    I just noticed this review and realized I forgot about getting your name and password again... My apologies! I'll get right on that. I'll contact you tomorrow. -Doug
  17. Sinful

    GLITCH by BSmith

    Strange. It was like that on my super awesome jailbroken iPhone, but it was fine on my computer. I guess it might depend on the player you use. I would recommend downloading VLC player. I use that to play any video file and DVD. It plays nearly everything. If VLC doesn't fix your problem...
  18. Sinful

    t11 bulletin :: theory11 Holiday Grand Prize - YOUR Chance To Win

    The reality is that JB lied and they do know which codes are in which packages. I called him up and specifically told him not to include any of your codes in the drawing. Coincidentally the whole drawing was set up to make you win, but I decided it was for the best you didn't win. -Doug
  19. Sinful

    Magicians Hating Magicians

    You only replied that way because of the way I once responded to you. I deserve that. ;) "You can hate obnoxious magicians." I think we would all hate someone if they were obnoxious. "You can hate inexperienced magicians." I don't hate myself. "You can hate magicians who give you advice and...
  20. Sinful

    4 On The Floor by JM

    JM called me on the phone and talked to me yesterday about this. He said he's been sitting on this for about four years. Looks pretty awesome. -Doug
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