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  1. Cyril

    tricks on the spot

    Doctor Daley's Last Trick. Too legit.
  2. Cyril

    Problems after purchase

    yes. it seems downloads aren't working at the moment. For myself, I can't seem to download the free Rich Lax contribution :/
  3. Cyril

    America's Got Talent - Stripper Magician

    ._. I think I liked that video with the lady with the vanishing handkerchief. It's great Howie was the volunteer :3
  4. Cyril

    Impressing Girls (I need help!)

    ah :) nothing like a little nostalgia around this time of year at theory11 with threads about girls and them hormones :3
  5. Cyril


    "Attention and awareness in stage magic: turning tricks into research" It's a good read.
  6. Cyril

    Post your questions for Dan Hauss!

    Goofie or regular?
  7. Cyril

    Beginner coin tricks

    pretty much any vanish :/ "retention, finger palm, classic palm, french drop" vanish take your pick.
  8. Cyril

    Most visual effect?

    ._. Holey has been a favourite of mine.
  9. Cyril

    david roth coin box

    the close-up mat is there to: 1) provide a soft landing for your coins 2) not make a loud sound when the coins hit the table or hard surface 3) avoid scratching or marking the table or surface you're working on ie) you don't want to make a nice table because you tossed on some coins on the table...
  10. Cyril

    Smoke question..

    I'm going to have to agree with above. Might be a tad exaggerated, but it'll cause unneeded delay for a simple procedure. I wouldn't risk it quite honestly, airports are already pretty stressful for other people, why cause the commotion.
  11. Cyril

    how to get rid of nerves

    a wise old man told me a good way to ease shaking hands is before you perform for the night, find a solid wall, and push against it with your hands with all your might. If you can push with your fingertips. It helps get blood circulating back into the hands and releases the tension you'll feel...
  12. Cyril

    Books or dvd's for thumb tip magic

    You know, the only TT book and DVD I have is $100 Miracles by Jay Sankey and that 101 tricks with a TT. and I'd have to say, the 101 book pretty much covers all that I like about the TT and Sankey's DVD is really what I like about the TT, bill switches.
  13. Cyril

    Card Flourishes

    for the ladies. why you no understand :( ladies like a man who reposts in everywhere. As for the OP, no point in really saying anything since there's nothing new from the last video you posted because this is the exact same one. So nothing to comment or critique because it's old material. If...
  14. Cyril

    Tips for 'windows'?

    best was to remedy this is to tilt your finger palm up so that there isn't a direct view through the fingers. If you angle your knuckles up a bit, all those windows are skewered a bit. Also, you can bevel your fingers as well.
  15. Cyril

    Jason England VS. Lennart Green ?

    pretty sure one of them has a hadouken up his sleeves. I hate when that happens.
  16. Cyril

    Best Utility Device?

    I think right now in terms of new products is Ammar's Any Card to Any Wallet device, it's a very nice utility to have and for the price it's a steal.
  17. Cyril

    DANNY GARCIA!!! CAN YOU HEAR US? (your fans)

    you have to be daniel garcia's mexican half brother in order to see his website... in which I am not. sadcatface *meow meow edit: oops forgot the "meow meow"
  18. Cyril

    What are your other hobbies?

    I 4gate then GG.
  19. Cyril

    America's Got Talent

    Fantastic Fig and Newton are my favourite of the show. <3 ㄱㄱ Mystique, I'm not sure if was trolling because man even though it was small clips of his audition, but it made my cringe inside.
  20. Cyril

    Which do you prefer?

    ㅡㅡ why don't you just "white and black" it. At least the crappy overlays and cheesy effects can be undone ㅡㅡ sort of. Yeah quite honestly, it's cheesy and looks like something a 12 year can accomplish. You should tell your friend to take a look at some tutorials.
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