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    New to books

    As Austyn said, I think TOOC is an amazing book if your looking for new material or cool and tricks. Some of them are challenging (partly because some people have trouble learning from books) but I think if you put in the time, Totally Out of Control will probably be one of your favorite books...
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    Dan Sperry : Masters of Illusion - Tonight - 9:00pm EST

    Yea, about Jonathan, if you want to see what hes really about go see his show in Vegas. I was lucky to go there and see him the first night and it was amazing (ha get it!). The performance last night was nothing like what he usually does and it looks bad out of context.
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    You are not an artist!

    Im kindof on both sides of the fence here. I agree that being an artist is definitely a status you have to earn. Doing a few magic tricks doesn't automatically make you an artist like (someone said this and I liked it) picking up a violin and playing 5 notes doesn't make you a violinist...
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    Club for Magicians at School - Need Help

    You are gonna have to teach some stuff. But think of different ways to make everyone use their knowledge. Like perform for 2 people before you meet next or something like that and then discuss it. This kind of club will take people who are genuinely interested and want to put some time into...
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    Club for Magicians at School - Need Help

    The first thing in a club is to set a goal. What would your goal be for this club. If you don't have a goal, then its not really worth doing what your doing. So set a goal for the club. Be it making a magic video at the end, or improving showmanship skills or anything else, set a point your...
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    Stage Magic

    I might be missing something here but are there gonna be the same people at each performance. If not, why do you have to do something different each time? I don't think stage magicians do that in a complete show unless its the same group of people every time.
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    TED : Lennart Green - Close-Up Card Magic

    I understand that. But I just didn't like his character in that one.
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    TED : Lennart Green - Close-Up Card Magic

    I do respect Lennart and I think he is amazing with sleights and all that. But I did not like his presentation on some stuff in the video. I though to myself, why is he taking this sloppy thing so far? I understand its the style he likes to perform with, but I think it was kind of disorganized...
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    theory11 roundtable discussion - Daniel Garcia Edition

    What, in your opinion, are the steps to perfecting a trick? In other words, what do you go though when you create a trick to make it unique and the best it can be? What are the qualities a good performer (specifically magic) should have or express to be considered a good performer? Where...
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    Unfair Advantage?

    I kinda agree with this though. I have seen that some of the questions and contest entry they choose are not informative at all but are chosen because the team can make a joke if they used it and something funny would come from it. I love humor and all, but I feel like some people try hard on...
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    I made a big mistake, now I need help...

    I dont think you have made a big mistake at all. Having all that is valuable because you know many slights and stuff you can use in your own creationg and stuff. And now, you have a large selection of what you can do and what routines to make. So my suggestion is, see what you know best...
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    Cards Will Burn

    Does anyone know where the melody at the begining of the clip is from. I definitely heard it somewhere. Anyone know?
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    Just out of curiosity...

    Yea, most deck vanishes can be done with leaving as many card as you want behind
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    Is Hypnotism Real or B.S.?

    It is real. I can speak from experience. A hypnotist came to my school and I volunteered to be part of the act. Even tho I didn't believe in it either, I was willing to try. I don't remember what happened at all. But people have videos of me and people from my class doing various things...
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    Bound by Daniel Madison with a Wynn Deck

    Video WILL NOT work, says it's a private clip.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Special Edition: Witness THIS

    Aaaaaaaaaaand Number 3: Good luck peeps!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Special Edition: Witness THIS

    Number 1 for now. I have 2 more coming up. Good ones so far. Good luck guys.
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    New Custom T-Shirt Idea!

    Thats cool, I like the design. I made some shirts of my own (not magic related) in the last few months and I'm just wondering, what company would you use to get them printed. I did a brief search online and all I came up with was companies that just custom print like one shirt and charge 35...
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