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  1. UnknownMagician93

    Whats the best way to steal the bottom card?

    BFU is still my all time favorite magic book. It is extremely difficult to master a lot of the tricks, and his sleights are just as hard as entire routines. However, these effects are as close to truly stunning magic as ive ever gotten with just a deck of ungimmicked cards. The one handed bottom...
  2. UnknownMagician93

    Move Monkeys Wanted

    It's been years since I've been on these forums. I used to perform a lot, but nowadays I'm much more of a hermit with the cards; I just practice moves for fun and to talk with other "magicians" online. Below are a few of my favorites. If there is anyone still on these forums who likes poorly...
  3. UnknownMagician93

    Saturday Night Contest - Show Them Off!

    Here's my entry: Youtube: Vimeo: Same video both times, I just was hoping Vimeo might have better quality than Youtube. if you watch on Youtube, please do me a favor and watch in 480p haha. Good Luck...
  4. UnknownMagician93

    My mind is blown

    I can go with that. You'll have to excuse me, I rather enjoy arguing. You're not an idiot
  5. UnknownMagician93

    My mind is blown

    Are you kidding me right now? Come on man... Seriously. I gave you some credit it... but now... are you just plain stupid? You lecture me about reading, when I CLEARLY STATED: "you may give him the benefit of the doubt on him not using stooges, but you definitely against him when it comes to...
  6. UnknownMagician93

    My mind is blown

    Youre obviously not giving him the benefit of the doubt if you say: "Put the two together and I highly highly doubt it's the same as the berglas effect. Nobody's going to accomplish in a few years what took David Berglas years upon years to perfect." you may give him the benefit of the...
  7. UnknownMagician93

    My mind is blown

    Your talking out of your ass. You DON'T KNOW THE BERGLAS EFFECT. So how would you know if Miika did the same thing or not? Maybe Miika is just a smart guy, and he knows that 99% of the little youtube scrubs who watch his videos DON'T KNOW WHO DAVID BERGLAS IS, so they wouldn't be able to tell if...
  8. UnknownMagician93

    Immortal Technique

    Click here for more "Immortal Technique" lol.
  9. UnknownMagician93

    My mind is blown

    You guys need to do your research. check "the berglas effect". And also, this exact trick was performed at EMC just this past week. Its legit
  10. UnknownMagician93

    Its been a while, and a video "archive"

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted here. But I'm "back" in a sense. And here's some new videos of things I've been working on. bottom deal: color changes:
  11. UnknownMagician93

    Saturday Night Contest - 'Your' Guardian Flourish

    Here's mine: "Guardian" is the 2nd phase.
  12. UnknownMagician93

    Stevens Cull Performance

    nope the stevens cull is in revelation.
  13. UnknownMagician93

    Stevens Cull Performance

    This is my attempt at a stevens cull. I've been working at this for a while and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable with it. Please read the description, especially if you're unfamiliar with the technique. Feedback is much appreciated. Dan...
  14. UnknownMagician93

    Start to Finish- Card Flourishes

    Just another chill video. Enjoy. Please? btw- actual video ends around 1:34, I forgot to cut out the rest of the song before I uploaded, so the last 3 mins or so is just a black screen with music.
  15. UnknownMagician93

    Shadow Master OR Arcane?

    I can't tell if that was just a gross misinterpretation or if you're just stupid. R.K. simply stated that as a beginner magician you don't have the certain aptitude for creativity that comes through experience. As you gain experience and learn more moves you will think more and more "outside...
  16. UnknownMagician93

    Shadow Master OR Arcane?

    Fair enough. It just seemed to me that you didnt agree with anything and were just going with what YOU wanted, so I was wondering why you posted this thread in the first place. No hard feelings.
  17. UnknownMagician93

    Shadow Master OR Arcane?

    Well aren't you just a breath of fresh air? From all these other superficial gold-diggin' *****es in here? Seriously, there are some big heads on this thread. And it's rather amusing. Desmond- You're going to ask for advice, and get other people opinions, and then contradict them in...
  18. UnknownMagician93

    Cascade Control?

    I love this move. I could nevre do it real justice, but here is my best attempt. <3
  19. UnknownMagician93

    My Family against my Cards?

    hmm.. I have a suggestion. Maybe put them down once in a while and take time to enjoy your life while you're young. Reevaluate what's important in your life right now.
  20. UnknownMagician93

    Riffle shuffle work

    Very good. I've been follwing your videos from the sidelines for a while now. You're getting up there, and you definitely know what you're doing. Everyone, watch the **** out cause this kids gonna be big.
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