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  1. towcheeze

    Saturday Night Contest - Always in Control

    This control can be used for card to mouth as well. . . it definitely needs some polishing but it is by no means an easy move. Please watch in HD:
  2. towcheeze

    Exposé 2.0 - Thoughts and opinions

    things I'd like to see: 1. Use of the word "sassy" in a performance multiple times 2. perform a sleight-heavy card trick after rubbing your hands in oil, bacon grease, or lard 3. perform a torn and restored card with unnecessary sound effects 4. go into a crowded area and do the macarena (its...
  3. towcheeze

    Dreamweaver vs. Pindemonium

    Are there any major differences between Dreamweaver by "the Enchantment" and Pin-demonium by Dan Garrett? They seem quite similar, so I don't know which one I should get. Better yet, are there any other linking pins routines I should look into? Dreamweaver:
  4. towcheeze

    A question about Not So Holely

    This looks like an amazing effect, another winner from Benji Taylor! However, does anyone know if this could be used with Holey by Will Tsai? I think these two could go great together!
  5. towcheeze

    New area on The Wire

    Hey theory11, I love the new features, very snazzy. However, the price guide is from free to 100 dollars. The most expensive trick on the wire is 15 dollars! This could make is difficult to browse the price range. Wouldn't it be more practical to make the price range, say, free to 25 dollars...
  6. towcheeze

    # of Tricks for Walkaround?

    This may seem like a silly (and possibly over-asked) question, but how many tricks should one perform for a group during a walkaround situation? How long should the tricks be? bonus question: How should I approach a group? I really want to start to get into this, but I would like some...
  7. towcheeze

    Branching out from cards to rubber bands. Help?

    Link by Nabil Murday just came back in stock, and has some great CMH material, among other tricks. Touch by Hanson Chein has some good variations.
  8. towcheeze

    prophet question

    Is there any difference between the Prophet gimmick versus the Extreme Burn gimmick? I'm guessing that they are similar, but Prophet looks so much cleaner to me. However, could this just be a difference of handling?
  9. towcheeze

    What's the deal, Zach?

    There's no Magic con footage, no full video of the Wire artist parody (Calen, Dalton, Shin), and Expose and the Insider have been late recently. What gives? I understand that you may be busy, but you didn't even address the fact that you still haven't posted the Magic con Footage and the...
  10. towcheeze

    Saturday Night Contest - You Don't Know JAQK!

    Rick Lax -1 Michael James-2 Blake Vogt-3 JB-4 Justin Kredible-5 Dan Sperry-6 Dan White-7 Steve Cohen-8 Patrick Kun-9 B Smith-10 Christen Gerhart-11 Larry Fong-12 Jason England-13 Calen Morelli-14 Andrei Jikh- 15 Dan Sperry-1 Andrei Jikh-2 Larry Fong-3 Steve Cohen-4 JB-5 Rick Lax-6 B Smith-7...
  11. towcheeze

    Chaos by Brad Addams

    Can you perform any other tricks with the deck, or is a one trick deck, like the invisible deck or svengali deck
  12. towcheeze

    Favorite Magician?

    Meh, I was bored and trying to start conversation. Sorry :(
  13. towcheeze

    Where to learn sponge balls?

    What about Scott Strange's Oddballs?
  14. towcheeze

    Favorite Magician?

    Okay, so who's your fave magician, and why? (you can have multiple favorites)
  15. towcheeze

    New ideas.

    This, your impromptu coin vainsh/change, and the self charging iphone I'd totally buy. Just sayin :)
  16. towcheeze

    Touch not available on E?

    I was wondering the same thing. I emailed their support team, and they said that dropping the product was a "business decision". Also, I emailed Hanson Chien about where else to buy his dvd, as well as if he could send a shipment to Penguin. His response: I think you can try to ask Penguin...
  17. towcheeze

    What got you into magic?

    The title says it all. How did you get your start in magic? Where has it taken you? For me, seeing my friend perform Crazy Man's Handcuffs was mind blowing. Of course I had seen many magic tricks beforehand, but seeing my friend perform it made it seem doable, and achievable. For some reason...
  18. towcheeze

    a good deck switch?

    ah, sorry I was so vague. I didn't know there were different switches for different situations. I seriously have no experience with deck switches, at all, so I didn't know what to expect.. I'd imagine that I'd be standing, and doing the switch during the offbeat, right after finishing a trick...
  19. towcheeze

    Teleport Envelope?

    I know that, but I was asking if I should bother buying a 40 dollar mentalism book if I have no experience with that sort of thing, just to learn how to make this envelope, which I heard is a pain in the butt to make. Maybe you can point me to some decent sources for beginners in mentalism?
  20. towcheeze

    Teleport Envelope?

    I know where to get the book, but I read in the reviews for the dvds that they don't teach you how to make the envelope.
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