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  1. magicman384

    Price of Cards?

    I used to come these forums when I did magic a lot, probably around 3-4 years ago. Now i'm not into magic like I used to be, and was looking to sell some of the cards that I gathered during that time. I wouldn't sell them on here, because if I remember correctly, you're not supposed to sell...
  2. magicman384


    Hey guys, I know this isn't magic related, but I think its for a good cause. Basically, everytime you tweet #BeatCancer on twitter, eBay/PayPal and MillerCoors will donate 1 penny to help cancer. It's free for you, so why not try.
  3. magicman384

    Pure Awesomeness

    :DClick me! pure awesomeness
  4. magicman384

    Play and

    Hello all, I am looking to buy play with a couple of other items from Dan and dave website. Isn't it supposed to come out today? I want to buy multiple things at once. Also, How do people like it who bought it from D+M's site? Thanks!
  5. magicman384

    Holy Crap!

    Here is a couple of new things from Big Blind Media: sigillum diaboli Gafftastic The one I'm most excited about is the one you can find on their homepage: karnival midnight
  6. magicman384

    No Way Out.

    I was watching the winter X games, And the commercials come on. It shows a man in a flaming tub of water, escaping, and then announces his new show. ITs about escape artist. SOunds cool.
  7. magicman384

    Convention question

    I think that rhymed. Anyways, I have a couple of questions about Conventions. I have never been to one so Please help: 1. Are the lectures, and Shows Come with the package of buying the pass to go to the convention. 2. Do you have to stay at the hotel where they hold the convention...
  8. magicman384

    // UNOFFICAL - SNC Waiting Thread //

    Hey guys. Every week we wait and wait for the SNC winner or Roundtable to be posted, so Here is the waiting thread. The rules are: 1: It starts with a riddle, subject, or history question. 2: Someone answers the riddle,. subject, or history question. 3: they start a riddle, subject, or...
  9. magicman384


    I have seen a couple posts recently about people saying "were not underground! what are you talking about!" well, comparitivaly, we are: Ellusionist Members: 73,243 Penguin magic posts in General and restaraunt forums: over 300,000 posts us: 9,700 members We look more underground...
  10. magicman384

    Please Help

    I am trying to submit my battle entry, but it says "log in first" When I am logged in. Can someone help?
  11. magicman384

    What did you get for Christmas?

    haha. I tricked you... The real question was: I know Christmas hasn't happened yet to us americans, but to out of country. So what did you get for Christmas magic or non magic? Mods can change the title if they want to. edit: I got: simply sidney; distortion; dangerous; methods in...
  12. magicman384

    Are you ready?

    The funniest thing I have ever seen: I'm I the only one who finds this really funny?
  13. magicman384

    Daniel Madison’s ‘Hunger’ ends with hospitalization.

    Check it out: WHat do you think?
  14. magicman384

    Buy Infant

    For some reason I couldn't find Infant on the papercrane production website but I found it here: Finally I can buy this effect!!!!:D
  15. magicman384

    Andthensome in Production

    check it out: So what do you guys think. IT looks awesome.
  16. magicman384

    Who is Dave Castle?

    I was Recently checking some blog websites on magic. One of their articles is called idiot magician of the month( or something like that.) It didn't say much about him except that he was a bad magician. So my main question is who is Dave Castle?
  17. magicman384

    My iPod and 1-on-1's

    I recently bought a 1 on 1. It works fine with itunes but it doesn't work with my ipod. It says the video type is not supported. I have a pc so it might be that. But the main thing I am asking is how do you change the video type to fit with your IPOD? Thanks for any help.
  18. magicman384

    Selma Blair amazes paparazzi!

    Check this out: IT is from the same people in the what the eff david blaine from those lil rabbits. ITs pretty funny, my favorite part is the hobo.
  19. magicman384

    Jonathan Bayme - Cheating at Poker 1. Doesn't that guy who cheats look just like Jonathan bayme? 2. Plus that trick looks pretty cool.
  20. magicman384

    Daniel Madison : Collateral / Lethal

    Check It out: So he is releasing collateral and A new edition of lethal. So what do you think?
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