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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Forcing an animal

    I was wondering how Chris Ramsay forced a skunk on the spectator in his video titled "Street Magic for Chris Rock!!" at 4:45. There seems to be prework or priming as the effect just fades in at 4:01. I know how he does the number to word trick, just not the forcing part. Any help is greatly...
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    Are these tricks worth it?

    I was recently looking into deck appearances and was wondering if Sudden Deck 3.0 by David Regal and Fragment by Abstract Effects was worth my money. I was thinking of getting both, but wanted your thoughts on each of them. Thanks in advance!
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    ITH vs. Truffle Shuffle

    I saw the Truffle Shuffle and somewhat figured it out. However, in Daniel Madisons ITH Shuffle, they are exactly the same. What is the difference, or are they the same? Thanks in advance!
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    Any Card by Richard Sanders

    Hey all! I am considering buying Any Card, but was wondering if the aces you show include the aces, or is there an out if the spectator names an ace? Thanks in advance!
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    Match pulls placement

    So I know that there is a thread for match pulls already, but I'm looking for the safest place to place a match pull as I'm planning to place it in the button slit of the dress shirt right above the sternum. Also, my dad was concerned about the material of the clothing, so Im wondering if it's...
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    Gun trick

    So in the last "finding the best magic trick" by Chris Ramsay, towards the middle the Magic Five, a Ukrainian group, did a trick that the spectator named a card, formed a gun with his hand, "shot" the deck, and his named card popped out of the deck. Was wondering if any no knew where to get that...
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    What are some cheap, but strong mentalism tricks? (Preferably un-gimmicked) Thanks A Lot!!
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    Double Blank Cards

    What are some tricks that use double blank cards? I got some double blank cards and was wondering what I could use it for Thanks In Advance!!
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    I don't know if this apllies to this thread but I was wondering if there are some free mentalism effects online... thanks to all who responds
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    Decibel by Adam Wilber

    I know that this is a rather old effect, but I was wondering if there are any places that would sell this effect.
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