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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    :) Dont stress, man. Im a student as well and the only real advice i could give is to just start saving money for magic. :)
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    Yeah I've done it in peoples hands!!! It's such an amazing effect.
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    Magic-Con :: What does registration include?

    I would love to go to magic con this year, but it cost $299 pluse airfare (I live in nc) Does registration include hotel price? Because if not it will cost me more then a $1000. It almost feels like all they want is money. It's kinda not fair. :/ but I digress. Help :)
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    Gambling decks

    Bee really is what you would need to use, but like another member said you should be able to use ANY deck. Although if you want to use another deck i suggest steamboats.
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    recommend me some card magic books, but..

    I would suggest "totally out of control" by Chris Kenner. Or any book by him His effects are very stunning and entertaining. I would also suggest ANYTHING by jay sankey. His effects are so easy to learn and pack such a punch that anyone from a begginer to an advanced magi would love.
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    Theory11 actually never "made" the cards. They were produced for a casino (i cant recall the name) some time ago. But no i dont think the cards will be coming back into stock. Although every once in awhile theyll run a promo and have you win a deck OR even give them away when you order a...
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    Fournier 605

    I own a deck of lee's 605s and i love them. I didnt at first mind you, but they grow on you. Just keep working with them an hour a day (but ALWAYS wash your hands first) for about 10-12 days and theyll wear in nicely. The cards are naturally long lasting because of the stock and finish. Just...
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    Extremely Nervous

    Dont get too worried about being nervous. If you go into a show thinking "omg im so nervous" then you really are going to be nervous, and thats no fun at all. Just remember why your doing what your doing- because you love it and its fun. The whole nervous thing will wear off with time. EVERYONE...
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    Are my hands too small?

    No your hands arent too small. Just look at Jay Sankey hes always talking about how his hands are small, but that it doesnt matter because as long as you practice the slights or cuts or whatever it wont matter because youll be able to refine the technique to suit you. And dont use fanning...
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    Where is your index finger during a pass?

    When i do my pass my index is slightly wraped over deck on the uper right hand side. -Dakota
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    Tough Day...

    My aunt was diagnosed three weeks ago. She goes in for her first chemo treatment tomorrow. Shes always been like a mom to me. Im an agnostic so ill be sure to send her positive energy. :) keep your head up -Dakota
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    When Chris Kenner says "half dollar" in TOOC...

    Does he mean Kennedy half or walking liberty half? I need to know cause im looking at coin gaffs on schoolcraft and need to know what coins to get. Side question- Does anyone know what the deans set on schoolcraft is? I emailed Jamie, but he hasnt emailed back yet.
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    I have a question ^_^

    Does anyone know if Joel Paschall is going to be putting anymore effects on theory11????? I would really like to know :)
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    Signature Card Trick Name?

    "A magican is just an actor playing the part of a magican."
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    Signature Card Trick Name?

    Sankey.... :confused:I think Jay Sankey has an effect very close to the above effect but i dont know the name of the effect itself.
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    Would you like to have a battle? I do close up magic.

    Would you like to have a battle? I do close up magic.
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    DG : Symphony - Jacob's Ladder Rubberband size?

    Size 19 for missing link as well my friend
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