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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Joel Paschall's Triple Shuffle...

    Hello Forum, I haven't logged into my account for a VERY long time. *Takes a look around* a lot of things have changed... Any who, I've been going over some of my old material that I've practiced over the years, and one of the moves I could never quite get down was the triple shuffle. Its not...
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    D&D Smoke & Mirrors Decks

    Hey everyone, I have built up a decent collection of cards over the years, and I'm looking to make some space. So I'm putting up for sale my collection of Smoke & Mirrors decks. I have S&M special edition decks, Luxury Edition, V3s (green edition), and Paper Denim decks available. I'm willing...
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    Value of rare decks?

    Ok.... Let's play Devil's Advocate. What do YOU think would have to be on a deck of cards to make be worth 50 bucks to you? I REALLY wanna see the answer to this....
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    How I introduce Sentinels (the only deck I now use)

    I gotta agree with Draven. The only way a customized deck brings creates suspicion is if YOU present it in a way that causes it. I use custom decks all the time. They only serve for visual appeal, and if someone finds a way to make the design play into the presentation it should be a plus and...
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    Lee Asher - YO

    Hey everybody. I've been going over some of my notes and came across lee ashers YO. It's a flourish that he published in his notes on "Sex Sells". I've been workin on the move like it says in the notes, but I can't be sure I'm doin it right. Does anyone know of a vid with a performance of YO? Or...
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    Dan and Dave's Coin Trick

    I came up with a rigged coin flip. Didn't think of it as a trick. It's actually pretty easy..
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    Karnival Decks

    The Karnival Decks' finish are not very good. They will clump up pretty quick to the point its impossible to fan em. The one exception is the Karnival Midnights. Ive had them just as long as my others and in the same environment and they still handle like new. I havent gotten the Ryujins yet...
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    My Ideas for Original Effects

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm well aware the plots are not original. But I think my methods are pretty clever, especially for my card reversal, if someone has done it the way I have, i'll be pissed! But yeah, I know of plenty of transpos, sandwiches, twisting aces, and coin sleights. I...
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    My Ideas for Original Effects

    Really? Because Daniel Madison doesn't have any preview videos for most of his work and he does pretty well...
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    My Ideas for Original Effects

    I've started workin on some original ideas that I'm looking to get some feedback on. Here's a few of them: OnE EiGhty AcE – A reversing aces plot: The four aces are presented and one-by-one each ace is individually reversed. After the final ace has reversed, the performer reverses all aces at...
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    How do you fix clumpy cards?

    The decks aren't old. They're still stiff and clean. They're just clumping and makin horrible fans. The ones that clump the most are the karnival decks from bigblindmedia. So did my English Laundry decks. Hardly ever use em, still clumping...
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    Yeah i've been to Desouza's place once for the Dan and Dave lecture. Im also signed for Aaron...

    Yeah i've been to Desouza's place once for the Dan and Dave lecture. Im also signed for Aaron FIsher's lecture in September. But Desouza is pretty far from where i live. Honestly i dont even know where Media, PA is...
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    How do you fix clumpy cards?

    I was thinkin something that wouldnt take as much time and didnt cost like 30 bucks...
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    How do you fix clumpy cards?

    Because of this ridiculous heat lately it's gettin hard to maintain quality control of my decks. Now some of my cards are starting to clump up. Anyone have ways to get the cards back to the way they were?
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    dangerous or trilogy?

    I agree. You should definitely pick Madison's material. His effects are better designed for laymen and are much more hard hitting and I believe half as knacky as D&D. It's kinda difficult to find D&D effects that hit hard with laymen as much as they do with magicians. So hands down d+M.
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    Wayne Houchin :: 2010 International Tour

    If you can have a lecture @ DeSouza's place that would be great. Plus that would be the closest place for me... I live in DE
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    Need help on Daniel Madison's CAMEO

    Oh, thanx. But the other guy is helpin me out, and im sure he owns the material...
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    Need help on Daniel Madison's CAMEO

    so u do have ONE, or not? Sorry, kinda thru me off...
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    Need help on Daniel Madison's CAMEO

    Oh, ok. thanx for the heads up i guess...
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    Need help on Daniel Madison's CAMEO

    I dont wanna come off disrespectful, but if you don't know what the effect is, it's gonna be tough for u to help. Then I'd have to explain the effect and try to walk u through wut aspect im having trouble with...
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