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  1. IIAnnexII

    Anti-Gambling Addiction Ad

    Let me start off by saying that I consider myself very new to the world of graphic design and I have to say, I love it. In fact, I hope to go to college for web design. I have been using Photoshop since I was about 12 years old but I never did anything really advanced. I just played around with...
  2. IIAnnexII

    Pop out move sources

    I've recently become interested in learning some different types of pop out moves. Does anyone know of any good sources to learn some? Thanks for any help ~IIAnnexII
  3. IIAnnexII


    I've been into mentalism for a very long time and I've been studying it for a little while. I'm very into anchoring. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any books or DVD's that taught this well. Thanks. -IIAnnexII
  4. IIAnnexII

    Daniel Madison's "Thoughts of a Madman"

    d+M has a new product coming called Thoughts of a Madman. I'm very interested to see what is going to be included in this PDF. All the info we have so far is that it has concepts of close up deception and illusion. And yes I did search before posting. Here's a link...
  5. IIAnnexII

    More info released on d+M's III

    I searched to see if this was posted and I found nothing. I went to Daniel Madison's site to see if there was any info on III. There was. Here is what it says: THE D DOUBLE THE M DOUBLE THE SNAP DELAY MAD TENKI STEAL INVERSE MTS MAD TENKI CUT PRESSURE SHOT TIME TRANSPO ROLL LOAD 4 OFF...
  6. IIAnnexII

    So what was up with Killer1?

    I remember about a week ago on there was an image that said "Killer1 4/12/08". I was dying to know what this is about. So did anyone find out what was up with that?
  7. IIAnnexII

    Gianni has a new color change

    Gianni, a showman who I believe was one of 2 people who have been accepted into the Underground Magic Circle has a new aerial color change coming titled "Exile". Check it out here: I know some of you already know about this but I haven't seen anyone talking about it...
  8. IIAnnexII

    Daniel Madison's "Memento"

    "Memento" By Daniel Madison I just got this in the mail today and let me just start off by saying WOW! I am amazed at how incredible this trick is. It's pure genius and so simple to perform. If you don't know already, "Memento" come with a "special deck of cards" and a booklet explaining...
  9. IIAnnexII

    Giving credit to magicians

    I found a great resource for anyone looking for the creator of a trick/sleight: You can also search for a trick or sleight here: You can search for a magic book here...
  10. IIAnnexII

    Quick - Need Help!

    I'm about to buy D+M's 5 way forcing deck on ebay but I want to know before I buy it if It's pretty straightforward how to use. I don't want to buy it and then have no idea how to use it. Anyone have any idea? Thanks. -IIAnnexII EDIT: Nevermind. I just read on his site that it came with notes...
  11. IIAnnexII

    New product from Daniel Madison

    I was on Daniel Madison's website and I was looking at the product page and at the bottom it said Identity Soon Here is a link to the page: Sorry if this is old or was posted before. I just found out.
  12. IIAnnexII

    "Mastering the Art of Pickpocketing" by James Coats and Nicholas Byrd

    Mastering The Art of Pickpocketing by James Coats and Nicholas Byrd Alright, this is my first ever review. So lets get started I really love this DVD. The content is very well organized according to difficulty level. It start out with the easy and gets harder as you go along. In this DVD...
  13. IIAnnexII


    I just recently got into pickpocketing. I think the fact that you can take something off of someones body like a watch, wallet, tie, etc... without them even knowing is pretty powerful. I also just got done watching "Mastering The Art of Pickpocketing" DVD by James Coats and Nicholas Byrd and I...
  14. IIAnnexII

    So what do you think the big announcement will be?

    If you read the article on the front page of T11 you know there is supposed to be a big announcement regarding the 909 Centurions. So what do you guys think the announcement will be? A release date? A contest?
  15. IIAnnexII

    How hard is "Four" to perform?

    I am thinking about buying "Four" by Aaron Fisher in the 1-On-1 section since it's only $5 and I was just wondering on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the hardest. how hard is it to perform? Thanks. -IIAnnexII
  16. IIAnnexII

    Daniel Madison Cerca Trova Tattoo?

    If you look at Daniel Madison's artist profile here and look at the last image on the left side of the page of his arm you can see a tatoo that says Cerca Trova. Did he really get this tatoo or was this just edited into the image? And yes I know I spelled Cerca Trova wrong in the topic title.
  17. IIAnnexII

    Information on "Dangerous" Confirmed

    This post is for people who still have no clue what will be on Daniel Madison's Dangerous. At this page if you go five paragraphs down it says the following: "ALTHOUGH LETHAL IS NOW OBSOLETE, THE FOOTAGE WILL APPEAR ON DANIELS UPCOMING 2008 PROJECT DANGEROUS; PREVIOUSLY TITLED THE...
  18. IIAnnexII

    UK to US shipping time?

    I'm pretty sure I saw this discussed before but I can't find the topic. Does anyone know about how long the shipping time is from the UK to the US? I ordered Breach from Daniel Madison and I wasn't given an estimated shipping date. Thanks. -IIAnnexII
  19. IIAnnexII

    New Blackjack Movie Coming Out

    I'm not sure if this was talked about here yet but there is a new blackjack movie coming out called "21". It is based on the story of the very famous MIT Blackjack team. If you don't know who the MIT team is they are a group of students and there professor who perfect the art of card counting...
  20. IIAnnexII

    Daniel Madison's A Deck of Cards

    Daniel Madison has yet another product coming out called "A deck of Cards". If you go to his website ( look where it says "Contact" on the left. Put your mouse right under that and click. It will bring you to this page: Also I just want...
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