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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Zephil

    Is He a Magician?

    Why are we talking about Candle jack on a magic fo...
  2. Zephil

    How many people would buy this effect?

    Alright, I'ma step in here and try to get the imagination flowing a little. This could work out great. Remember patter, you can justify just about anything with a good story. A simple way one could get this flowing would be to explain that the ace of spades is usually the most desired card in...
  3. Zephil

    What to start with? [COMPLETE Beginner]

    Misdirections is a great shop. I was in there around 2 years back when I was visiting. The guys there should be able to get you started real well :).
  4. Zephil

    Just remade website kzmagic

    I believe he is referring to the wallpaper ;)
  5. Zephil

    Boxed In - Andrew Lee

    Wow, harsh much? I don't think I understand what you mean by "too much work." Are you referring to method or presentation? If presentation, its no more than your average color change to selected card trick. The only reason it seemed long was because of the text. Think of the actual trick peeps...
  6. Zephil

    Are there still Criss Angel haters... Why?

    I have to give him props for what he's accomplished. He is entertaining thousands of people, and has loads of LAYMEN fans. Laymen more often than not, enjoy his show. After all, the entire point of our art is to entertain the laiety. However, the trouble arises around that word: "art". Angel...
  7. Zephil

    Famous Magicians not connecting?

    I understand where you're coming from, but I also would have to disagree with your assessment in terms of performing style. Having seen Daniel Garcia perform, I can tell you right now that he is one of the funnest and funniest magicians I know. That's his style. Building patter doesn't HAVE to...
  8. Zephil

    DG's Website

    I sighed. How are you sure he doesn't practice? Because he asked a question on a forum? You obviously had the time to post a response and still practice; else your statement would seem rather arrogant and contradictory wouldn't it? ;) But anyways, I do not believe that anyone knows more than...
  9. Zephil

    Music for DVD

    You could always look for some royalty free music. Some specified google searches should get you a decent amount of results. Here's the first on the list: Hope that helps some ;)
  10. Zephil

    Problem with the cardistry community...

    I say spread it around. It will probably just be hated at... but at least it's an attempt. That's all anyone can do. ;)
  11. Zephil

    Problem with the cardistry community...

    I would have to agree with you entirely. I think we could all go for a more open, accepting, and thus more helpful mindset. In my opinion, this doesn't mean ignore the "top dogs", it just means that we shouldn't lock up as soon as someone new on the scene shows up. We need this. Not as in we...
  12. Zephil

    An introduction from a new member...

    Sounds awesome! Sorry to hear about the injury, it shouldn't hinder your learning process too much. If you havn't already, I'd suggest taking a look at this page. I'd be really glad to help with pretty much anything, as I'm sure most of the members of this forum would be as well. Hit me up with...
  13. Zephil

    Stage / Birthday Magic

    In terms of rope magic for kids, would a fiber optics (sanders) / Tabary style routine be too difficult to comprehend? With the ends switching and such?
  14. Zephil

    Stage / Birthday Magic

    I sighed when I read the above replies. Why? Because you're no better than the kind of posters that you are so avidly fighting against. Can tell me the point in posting in a "pointless" thread? Unless, of course, your ultimate goal is to make the original poster feel kinda bad. Anyways...
  15. Zephil

    Best performance of any two tricks which use a gimmick....(in voting)

    MagicDude007, in your video you said the first two selections to be the "4 of hearts and 7 of clubs". The cards were in fact the 4 of CLUBS and the 7 of HEARTS ;) Just thought I'd mention it ^^
  16. Zephil

    DO IT AGAIN! *leans closer*

    I agree with D ICE R. However, there is one reason you didn't mention. They might call a friend over and ask you to perform it again for them. Normally this shouldn't really be much of a problem because its a new spectator, and those who saw it before will usually be concentrating more on their...
  17. Zephil

    Paper Crane Magic | New Effect :: Digital Conviction

    I'm guessing (and hoping I guess) this means that you can use more than just cards for the phone part... But it might just be referring to that you can use any telephone... I suppose we'll have to wait for the reviews either way :P
  18. Zephil

    Small World

    Freaky, freaky stuff :P
  19. Zephil

    Mechanics grip battle?

    How do you judge... the best mechanics grip...? More importantly, why would you want to? :confused: I are confused. I go eat ice cream now.
  20. Zephil

    theory11 image bulletin - This Week You Will See

    *cry* Why must all this happen while I am sleeping the day before my most difficult exam? :p But yes, I too am intrigued. I dont mind hype either, it's half the fun... Just like going to the movies tbh.
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